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The Curio cards existed before the Crypto punks became famous. Launched on 9th May 2017, Curios Card NFT is the first NFT project in the Ethereum network. By using the distributed Ethereum network, Curio Card NFTs have revolutionized the way of digital asset ownership. The structure allows the Digi artists to create unique collectibles, and sell them directly. 

Christie’s – A British Auction House is looking forward to selling some Curio Cards that were launched in 2017 on 1st October 2021. The sources have also stated that there will be auctioning a Secret Rare Card.

What Is Curio Card NFTs? Know All About Curio Card NFT Project Here. 

Curio Cards are a set of digital art cards that are numbered from 1 to 30.
All of these have been designed by the following 7 Digital artists:

  • Phneep
  • Cryptograffiti
  • Cryptopop
  • Robek World
  • Daniel Friedman
  • Marisol Vengas
  • Thoros of Myr

My Curio Cards NFT Review
All the cards are classified in a specific number series and with a fixed supply of digital print that ranges from 111 to 2000. In 2017, a total of 29,700 Curio Cards were made, of which 4000 (approx) are currently lost or somehow destroyed. All of these 29.7 K Curio Cards were made and launched in 2017, and there aren’t any possibilities of creating new ones.

All the Non-Fungible Tokens have two NFT standards, which are ERC721 and ERC1155. Both standards have the following shared elements in common with the Curio Cards:

  • Buying collectibles from the smart contracts
  • Marking the collectible with IPFS hash, which is a unique trademark used in the DeFi
  • Utilizing non-divisible tokens that come with fixed supply
  • Putting in several tokens within the similar collection
  • If you buy a collectible, you will gain ownership of that digital asset

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Why Do You Have To Use The Wrapper Contract?

When Curio Cards were released i.e. 2017, OpenSea did not exist. So, Curio Cards are not compatible with the OpenSea format or any other Non-Fungible Tokens.

To make sure people can buy and sell Curio Cards on the OpenSea marketplace, a wrapper contract was developed.

How Does Curio Cards Work?

Wrapper contract is a compatibility tool, which makes Curio Cards OpenSea –compatible. In a way, the Wrapper Contract turns the old Curio Cards into the Modern Token Format i.e. ERC1155 Standard.

Who Can Create A Wrapper Contract?

Anyone and everyone can do that without waiting for any additional permission from the Curio Cards team.
But, if you use any 3rd part wrapper, the Curio Cards team will not take any responsibility for any bugs. Although most 3rd party wrappers are fine, you should use Curio Cards official wrapper from this website address >>

How To Access Your Old Curio Cards NFTs?

You need access to your MetaMask wallet to buy and sell NFTs, which were not fully developed in 2017. So, if someone has bought the Curio Cards back in 2017, they could be stored in a private key, seed phrase, or Keystore file backup.

What Does The Future Hold For The Curio Cards?

Today we can see the Curio Cards as a permanent gallery or tradable collectible. Curio Cards team is trying to come up with more innovative ideas and create tools that will help to collect all the cards quite fun and streamlined.

Although they have stated that no new Curio Cards will ever be released, we can see the discussions about new ideas on Curio Discord.

Curio Cards NFT Sales Statistics:

My Curio Cards NFT Sales Statics
Curio Card NFTs Current Price Trends (As of 23rd September 2021):
There are 30 Curio Card NFTs are available in The current floor price for Curio Cards NFT is 1.13 ETH. The traded volume amount is 29K ETH with 4.2K owners.
Curio Cards NFTs Trade Volume (As of 23rd September 2021):
As per the reports of nft-stats.Com, in the last 7 days, the Curio Cards NFTs were sold 818 times with a total trading volume of USD 6.05M. The average price in the last 7 days was USD 7.4.
According to the last 7 days statistics (as of 23rd September 2021):

  • 10% Curio Cards NFTs were sold for <=USD 3381
  • 50% Curio Cards NFTs were sold for <= USD 4663
  • Top 10% Curio Cards NFTs were sold for => USD 15.4K

How To Buy Curio Cards?

How To Buy My Curio Cards NFT
The Curio Card NFTs are available on To buy Curio Card NFTs, you will need a digital wallet – MetaMask. After signing in to your MetaMask Wallet, you may find Curio Cards on the OpenSea Marketplace and make your bid with ETH.


Although Curio Cards are the first form of NFTs, they cannot be neglected as being outdated. If you visit, the ” costliest Curio Card Yellow is being auctioned at 240ETH (as of 23rd September 2021), which is equivalent to 696K.
Besides, the Curio Cards core team is trying some innovative ways to compete with the new NFTs. So, it would be wise to invest in Curio Card NFTs, as the prices can go much higher anytime – but, of course, don’t be impulsive and weigh all the pros and cons.

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