If you are looking for a unique NFT gaming platform, here is Nifty Island NFT with its innovative gaming experience offering fun and earn opportunities with a scope to explore your creativity.

Nifty Island NFT offers you to generate your own content, accumulate and curate NFT collectibles and earn cryptos while having all the gaming fun and mingling in the community. 

Nifty Island is a user-oriented gaming Metaverse thus it offers ownership and control of your content with its decentralized inbuilt structure. Their NFT collection of Nifty Island: Legendary Palms is selling in large volumes in the past few weeks.  

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More About Nifty Island NFT Collectibles 

Nifty Island Legendary Palms NFT Review
The innovatively designed Nifty Island has been developed with Unity 3D and founded by Charl3s and Zunk in 2021. Charl3s also works as Business Analyst and Zunk as Technical Project Lead in this project.  Apart from the proficient team leaders, Nifty Island has 16 full-time developers and 7 artists who work consistently to add more innovative features to it.

Being claimed as a gaming Metaverse, the Nifty Island focuses on 7 layers of essential Metaverse protocols mentioned below:

  • Infrastructure (5G, 6G, Wifi 6, Cloud, MEMS, GPUs, etc.)
  • Human interface (Mobiles, wearables, smart glasses, etc.)
  • Decentralization (AI agents, blockchains, etc.)
  • Spatial computing (3D engines, Multitasking UIs, etc.)
  • Creator economy (Design tools, workflows, commerce, etc.)
  • Discovery (Ad networks, Social curations, etc.)
  • Experience (Games, Shopping, E-sports, theatre)

Talking about the design of this island, it is a 100 square meter virtual land customizable by the users, and pieces of it can be traded. Here the users can create and display their own creations, various NFTs, art pieces. These NFTs can be transacted via the Nifty Marketplace.

$ISLAND tokens are the native currency of this game verse and are used to trade the goods, reward the users for their contribution in the content, and also for purchasing the virtual land.

A si-fi pet named B33 is the guiding beacon on this island which wears various costumes & accessories and helps the users to explore the island.

Nifty Island NFT Statistics Speaks Loudly 

Nifty Island NFTs Statistics
Analyzing the last 3 weeks’ data from nft-stats.com, the sales volumes shows impressive figures. 161 NFTs have been sold in the last 30 days. Referring to last week’s data, the total sales volume for Nifty Island: Legendary Palms was $57.09k. These NFTs were sold 13 times in the last week and their average price was $4.4k.

Among the top rankers, there is Ultra palm sold for $374.3k on September 9, 2021, Neon palm sold for $158.7k, Gold palm sold for $75.2k.
10% NFTs were sold for $13 or less, highest 10% were sold for $9.7k or higher. And half of the sales were around $4413 or less. Ten per cent of the Nifty Island: Legendary Palms sales were for $13 or less, half of the sales were for less than $4413 and the highest ten per cent were sold for $9.7k or higher.

Nifty Island team focuses on certain aspects. They are as follows:
Mainstreaming the ultimate Immersive Experience: for the users across the world where they can interact with each other and share the content. 
User-oriented Gaming verse: the team wants more decentralized operations on the platform so they are vying for more user-generated content and overall contribution of the users. 
Linking the Internet and Blockchain generated content: they want to become a bridge to connect the content available on the internet and emergent content on blockchain, to explore more innovative features in the NFT gaming domain. 

How To Buy Nifty Island NFTs?

How To Buy Nifty Island NFTs
Nifty Island NFTs are available for sale at the OpenSea NFT marketplace. You can buy these NFTs from this market by opening an account on OpenSea. And then your Ethereum wallet has to be connected to buy it. You can visit the following OpenSea page to buy the Nifty Island NFTs.

Nifty Island Roadmap Ahead In 2021 

Nifty Island will be launching more interesting base features in the last quarter of this year.

  • A feature to design or buy NFT landmass using the $ISLAND currency.
  • Rewards for adapting the designs of other users.
  • Nifty Marketplace will also be added.

Concluding Words

Gaming and earning can be achieved at this platform with more power to the users. Also, buying virtual land through the NFTs is a unique experience one can get here. With a robust team and promising future features, it could be a good choice for you to invest.

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