Are you looking for OnChain Monkey NFT Review 2021?. The OnChain Monkey NFT is a set of 10K PFP unique OC Monkeys that was created on a single Ethereum transaction.

OnChain Monkey is one of the first NFTs made under the impression of PFP or Profile Pics Design. Such NFTs can be used for profile pictures on the leading social media platforms.

So, should I buy OnChain Monkey NFT today?

Well, here in this article, we will provide you with all the details regarding OnChain Monkey NFT. This will include the structure of OnChain Monkey NFT, OnChain Monkey NFT Future Prospects, OnChain Monkey NFT Floor Price, and if you should buy OnChain Monkey NFT or not.

What Is OnChain Monkey NFT?

OnChain Monkey NFT Review 2021
As mentioned above, OnChain Monkey NFT was created by Danny Yang with a vision to change the way our incentive system works. Joined with Bill Tai (Co-founder, Chairman of Nfinita) and Amanda Terry (Co-founder, COO of Nfinita), Yang believes that we can use crypto for greater purposes.

In 2018, Bill designed the Honu Kitty NFT, which is the world’s first sea-loving crypto kitty.
In 2021, they are working on different ideas around animals, for example, birds, bears, robotic animals, etc, to create some more unique NFTs.

As the Nfinita team (soon to be renamed as MetaGood) wants to incentivize the DeFi system for doing something good, they needed to do bring in something unique. On the other hand, they also wanted to make a collection of 10K PFPs that are widely understood and appreciated by NFT traders.
Nfinitians have come up with a unique technique for this.

Most people trade in NFTs due to their love for art, security, and finance. Blockchain systems can keep the unique records of each NFT forever. But as there is a centralized server, a mishap can erase everything from the system. This is where the IPFS system comes, which has its downsides as well. IPFS is not a part of Blockchain technology, so the risk of losing data is still there.

As most NFTs are stored on the Blockchain, all Metadata or unique traits can only be found there. OnChain Monkey 10K PFP NFTs have achieved this chain status.

To create something unique, Yang chosen the monkey faces as they are quite like us. Then he figured out different combinations of character traits to make them unique. Each monkey has unique eyes, eye color, mouth, earring, hat, and box.

How Does The Future Roadmap Look Like For The On Chain Monkey NFT?

As a lot is going around the Non-Fungible Tokens, Danny Yang is hopeful that the art collectors will incentivize the OC Monkey NFTs vigorously. OC Monkey NFTs have been creating for a greater purpose. As the popularity of NFTs and Cryptos is growing rapidly, the Blockchain is getting more advanced – Yang believes that we can harness its powers to solve our exponential problems.

Yang and the entire Nfinita team are trying to bring in some more innovative designs in the future. This will only grow the OC Monkey community to give something good to our society.

OnChain Monkey NFTs Sales Statics

OnChain Monkey NFTs Sales Statics

OnChain Monkey NFTs Current Price Trends (As Of 24th September 2021):

There are 9.5K OnChain Monkey NFTs are available in The current floor price for OnChain Monkey NFT is 0.19 ETH. The traded volume amount is 1.3K ETH with 3.1K owners.

OnChain Monkey NFTs Trade Volume (As Of 24th September 2021):

As per the reports of nft-stats.Com, in the last 7 days, the OnChain Monkey NFTs were sold 3001 times with a total trading volume of USD 2.38M. The average price in the last 7 days was USD 792.

According To The Last 7 Days Statistics (As Of 24th September 2021):

  • 10% OnChain Monkey NFTs were sold for <=USD 318
  • 50% OnChain Monkey NFTs were sold for <= USD 669
  • Top 10% OnChain Monkey NFTs were sold for => USD 1277

How To Buy OnChain Monkey NFTs?

How To Buy OnChain Monkey NFTs
OnChain Monkey NFTs or OC Monkey NFTs are available on both and Rarible marketplace.
You cannot buy them directly but have to place your bid first.

To bid on OnChain Monkey NFT, you can go to any of the two NFT marketplaces and sign in to your MetaMask wallet. After that, you may choose an OC Monkey NFT by price, popularity, or design and place your bid.
Opensea official link for Onchain Monkey >>>


Danny, Bill, Amanda, and the entire team of OC Monkey NFT are trying to create a more sustainable and scalable society through NFT trading.  

Though the average price in the last seven days might seem a bit low, according to nft-stats. ComOnChain Monkey # 2093 was sold for USD 14.4K on the 20th of September 2021.
Besides, each collectible comes with a specific benefit chosen by the creator, which also includes a Tax Deductible Benefit.

The future looks good for OnChain Monkey NFTs – and the best thing is that you will become a part of making Blockchain Technology more efficient and eco-friendly.

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