Paladin Pandas NFT have been launched on September 29 and since their launch, NFT aficionados have been eyeing them. Paladin Pandas is a play-to-earn rogue-like game offering an NFT collection of 10,000 hand-crafted digital characters. They are built on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-1155 tokens.

This collection has already been minted and sold just 32 minutes after launch. It is now available for resale at OpenSea and Rarible NFT marketplaces. The Beta of this game is expected in late November.

Bambooniums is the native currency of the game. It can be exchanged with lottery tickets. Lottery tickets are the premium currency to participate in the NFT rewards lottery.

What Is Paladin Pandas NFT?

More About Paladin Pandas

The theme of this gaming Metaverse is based on the fight of the Palladium Panda worriers against the evil invaders. They want to build their home planet in space, destroyed by evil monsters.

Bambooniums are the valuable asset that has been taken away from them. Pandas are the vital unit of this game and you should have to have at least one panda to start the game. Each panda has different attributes, classes, and sets of skills.

Paladin Pandas NFT Collectibles
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Paladin Pandas travel into space mining, farming, and scavenging to yield the sweet green Bambooniums. They fight unitedly to get back their glory. You can get into the role of Paladin pandas and fight across the random map. After passing different levels of the game, a lottery ticket can be won to get the most popular NFTs.

You can choose any of the 6 classes: MainTank, Sniper, Medic, Engineer, Cyberbard, or Commando. Each class has a different set of skills and traits. Traits include background, fur, expression, headgear, glass, weapon, bodygear, mask, glass, mouthgear, and ear.

Tasti is the Founder and Marketing person of Paladins; Alcibiades and Max are Creative and Art Directors respectively and Ken is the Technical Head behind this project.

Paladin Pandas NFT Drop Date

Public sale has been launched on September 29. The collection was sold out instantly. But various activities and drops are being proposed by the team in the future. The roadmap displays their plans with lots of rewards being promised to the community members for their value addition.

PANDA POO POO is a reward offered for a contribution to the community. The more the POO POOs, the more the chances of winning airdrops and merchandise. You can join their Discord account to get the PANDA-POO-POOs and top collectors of these POO-POOs will be airdropped with an NFT. In addition, you can join giveaways on their Discord and Twitter handles.

Paladin Pandas NFT Road Map Explained!

They have chalked out a clear road map of their future activities which makes this project appealing. 
20% To maintain the price of paladin pandas, a liquidity pool will be launched out of 5% of the sale
25% of royalties and 15 ETH will be allotted to the community wallet to store & support the community art and merchandise by the community members.

Paladin Pandas Current Selling  # Floor price

Sales Statistics Of Paladin Pandas NFT
The current floor price is 0.25 ETH and the minting price was 0 .03 ETH. The volume traded in the last seven days is 1.257.17 ETH. Currently, there are 2.9k authentic wallet owners attached to the OpenSea market. And 9.8k collectibles are available for resale. The collection is available on the Rarible market as well.

On OpenSea, 5140 Paladin Pandas have been sold out in the last 7 days. Trading Volume in the last 7 days is $3.36M and the average price is $654.For 10 per cent Paladin pandas sales price was $262, the median price is $437, and the highest 10 % were sold for more than $908.

The highest price for the sold paladins was over $908 and the lowest was around $262 so far. The most expensive Paladin Panda sold so far is #9507, which sold for $44.1k on September 29.

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Where To Find Paladin Pandas NFT? 

Where To Buy Paladin Pandas NFT
Source: Opensea

As mentioned above, the collection is available on OpenSea and Rarible market. On the Rarible market, the collection is ranked according to their current sales position.

Alternatively, the game provides one more option for the players that they can hold or sell the rewarded NFT to the game system.

Wallets To Purchase The Paladins 
They support MetaMask and Token pocket to buy the NFTs.

Concluding Words:

The virtual identities collected can be used to join the game. Also, these avatars can be flaunted on social media to get community benefits. So if you want to hodle an NFT collection with good potential to get good returns, for next months, Paladin pandas might be considered.

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