Psychedelics Anonymous is the newest NFT compilation, and it comes with big aspirations and a lot of buzz to back it up. This collection of 3D avatars has a comprehensive plan of being more than mere NFTs. The idea behind the project is to shed light on the shared divinity within us all and create a safe space where that divinity can be explored.

With its real-life mental health events, merchandising, and nurturing of the community, the Psychedelic Anonymus NFT wants to escape from the monotonous life and create a wave of expanding consciousness.

In this article, we will discuss Psychedelic Anonymous Genesis NFT rarity, roadmap, price prediction, where to buy and much more. Read on to know more and as the Psychedelic Anonymous website says, “Have a good trip”!

The Brief Overview Of The Psychedelic Anonymous NFT

Psychedelic Anonymous NFT items 9,600
Owners 6,000
Psychedelic Anonymous NFT Floor price 3.09 ETH
Volume Traded 18.200 ETH

What Is Psychedelic Anonymous NFT

According to their team; they are leveraging the transformational power of nature by supporting improvements in mental health. Through gifts and strategic investments in firms researching Psilocybin research, the project will assist individuals who are pioneering psychotherapy, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.

The Psychedelic Anonymous NFT collection has five different NFT collections, with each forming a significant part of the PAverse ( the metaverse of the Psychedelic Anonymous). To understand the project, it is essential to understand the pillars it is built on:

Genesis Collection: The genesis NFT collection is the NFT avatars of the collection. It also has comes with exclusive benefits like

  1. limited-edition merchandise and wearables
  2. mental support services
  3. future staking and DAO
  4. Web3 accelerator access

Psychedelic Anonymous NFT Floor price

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There are a total of 9595 NFTs in the genesis collection. Then the project offers a metaverse pass which gives access to all psychedelics anonymous metaverse activities for the duration of the pass’s validity.

The IRL pass grants admission to all real-life psychedelics anonymous events. Further, the Psychedelic Anonymous NFT project also offers two components. With Component #1, holders can experience the mini-games and stakes related to the games. Holders should note that this type of NFT has an in-built burning mechanism. Also, holders are rewarded with crypto and limited edition merchandise.

Component #2 has similar features to component #1. But the only difference is that here the total NFTs stand at 6500.

To add to that, the 7000 Psychedelics Anonymous Printing Press NFTs serve a practical purpose in the PAverse. They have a built-in burning mechanism.

Psychedelic Anonymous NFT Mint Price + Gas Price

The presale minting price for the Genesis collection was around 0.088 ETH. But, as of writing this article on 3rd March 2022, the floor price stands at 3 ETH + gas fees on OpenSea, which is a 34 times jump from its presale price.

Psychedelic Anonymous Genesis NFT Roadmap

According to the PA website, its core staff of seven individuals is completely doxed and has an aggregate of 85+ years of relevant expertise, among other qualifications.

Fitness clubs, IRL and metaverse events, and apparel are just some of the services that the project promises to provide to its members, among other things. Of course, one of the most critical aspects of the organization is its support of groups that offer psychedelic-assisted treatment.

The PA team plans to support its NFT holders’ mental healthy by onboarding community support members. This is an excellent way of creating a positive and thriving community. Moreover, the PA project will also provide financial support of $1m to projects that the team believes in through its Web3 Accelerator program

The team also plans to introduce a $PSY token and DAO for community governance. The Genesis collection holder will have to complete small tasks to be rewarded in $PSY tokens.

Additionally, the amount of NFT and the total time of holding the NFTs will affect the future airdrops of the $PSY tokens. So the early adopters will benefit the most from this project.

Moreover, the $PSY tokens can be used to buy components #1 and #2, giving the holders access to the PAverse. While the DAO will govern the PAverse, the path the metaverse takes will be determined by IRL and P2E games, which will essentially form a bridge between the real and the virtual world.

Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFT Rarity

Psychedelics Anonymous rarity shows profitable signs. This is because their NFTs have a lot to offer including unique traits and many benefits for holding the NFTs long term. According to, as of 4th March 2022, Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFT number #9404 has the highest rarity score of 10325.06 due to its rare traits.

Psychedelic Anonymous NFT NFT Sales, Statistics, And All About Numbers How To Buy Psychedelic Anonymous Genesis NFT

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The Psychedelic Anonymous NFT floor price for Genesis is 3 ETH. The Psychedelic Anonymous NFT OpenSea page shows that the Total Traded Volume is 18,200 ETH and an all-time average price of 1.3094 ETH.

With six different collections, the Psychedelic Anonymous NFT rarity is unique in its own right. Moreover, the Psychedelic Anonymous Genesis NFT rarity is composed of high-quality 3D avatars with each having quirky masks covering its face. The artwork is unique, and this makes it stand out.

Price Prediction Of Psychedelic Anonymous Genesis NFT

Since its inception, Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFTs have seen steady growth in its sales. The sales curve has seen a parabolic rise since February of 2022.

Moreover, with its wide range of NFT collections, the utility involved with it, and its availability in other blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and Klatyn opens up a massive base of users for it. With an amalgamation of all these excellent features in an NFT project, we can clearly call a Psychedelic Anonymous NFT price prediction to be skyrocketing even more in the future.

How To Buy Psychedelic Anonymous Genesis NFT

You’ll need a crypto wallet that supports NFTs, OpenSea, or Looksrare accounts to get started.

  • Log onto your OpenSea or Looksrare account and choose your genesis NFT to play with.
  • Activate your NFT marketplace compatible wallet
  • Place a bid or purchase on the Psychedelic Anonymous Genesis NFT.

Voila! You are successfully a member of the Psychedelic Anonymous community.


The team behind its fantastic project has great plans for its future. It aims to be more than NFTs, making this project stand out from the rest. The project is still in its early phase, but it has great plans from merchandise to games and even its own tokens and metaverse.

Unlike most NFT projects, this one has a clear roadmap and is constantly doing legal due diligence. The project’s ultimate goal is to safeguard its community, help them thrive through its web3 accelerator program, and grow the psychedelic Anonymous brand. That is why it is safe to say that this project is going to make headlines pretty soon.

Check out Psychedelics Anonymous NFT’s official Twitter page to know more. (c)

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