Are you looking for Sappy Seals NFT review 2021? Recently, the Sappy Seals NFT have been released by wab. eth | Seal Father.

As the idea of DeFi is progressing, most NFT traders are looking to become a part of this Metaverse expansion. Sappy seals NFT are about offering technical developments and fair incentives for holders – as well as allowing you to be a part of an awesome community.

Sappy Seals NFT team is offering a $BLUBBER Proposal – but, is it good enough?
Here in this article, we will discuss everything regarding Sappy Seals NFT including Sappy Seals NFT future roadmap, Sappy Seals NFT floor price, How to buy Sappy Seals NFT, and IF you should buy Sappy Seals NFT.

What Is Sappy Seals NFT?

Wab. eth |Seal Father has released 10K Sappy Seals NFT to the Ethereum Blockchain. These NFT Seals look cute and have different characteristics.

Each seal has a different dress, for example, full sleeve, half sleeve, or sleeveless. Their dresses have different colour combinations. While some seals are wearing a cool Havana half-shirt, some are wearing a hoddie – some seals are on party t-shirts.

The designer has kept up the uniqueness while designing the Sapp Seals heads as well. While some can be seen wearing casual caps, some are cladding a Mexican hat – some of the Sappy Seals even have wings.

$BLUBBER: What Is This?

Simply put, $BLUBBER is a governance token that can be earned by stacking your Sappy Seals NFTs. Using a $BLUBBER token, you can vote on several proposals within the community, for example, how to manage the treasury.

Apart from that, if you own Sappy Seals NFT, you will be eligible for $BLUBBER Farming on the $BLUBBER/$ETH pools. By farming, you may mint your Sappy Seals NFTs and use them later in the Metaverse.

Sappy Seals NFT Collectibles
Source: Sappyseals

The farmable NFTs from the $BLUBBER/$ETH pool will have different types of rarity and the window will be open for a limited period.

Sappy Seals NFT offer 4 different types of pools where the lowest tier pool needs 1 week of commitment and 4th one or the highest tier pools require 4 weeks of commitment. The users are allowed to leave the pool before the commitment period is fulfilled, but there will be a tax.

The Sappy Seals team has developed the following farm economics:

  • You will need a minimum amount of LP tokens to participate
  • A nominal tax will be applied if you choose to leave the pool before the commitment period is over
  • Holders with higher time commitment i.e. 4 weeks will get the rarest items
  • As soon as a certain number of Sappy Seals NFTs are minted, the pool will close to give way for a new rotation
  • You can stack the Seal Gear NFTs

Also, see details about NAH Fungible Bones NFT Collectibles here.

How Does The Future Roadmap Look Like For Sappy Seals NFTs?

Sappy Seals NFT creators are looking to make a complete transition towards becoming a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. They are asking the Sappy Seals community to be involved in this process and that is why, on 7th September 2021, they have increased the loyalty to 2.5%. This means that after every Sappy Seals NFT sale, 2.5% will be given to everyone.

The Sappy Seals NFT team is working with a leading Blockchain developer and they have promised to start the stacking process by 6th October 2021.

Apart from these, they have pledged to do the following:

  • They will donate USD 10K for ocean cleanup
  • They will launch Sappy Seals merch
  • They will then donate USD 30K for ocean cleanup
  • All the holders will be entitled to have rare PIXseals

Sappy Seals NFT Sales Statics:

Sappy Seals NFT Sales Statics
Source: Nft-stats

Sappy Seals NFT NFTs Current Price Trends (As Of 26th September 2021): 
There are 10K Sappy Seals NFTs are available in The current floor price for Sappy Seals NFT is 0.33 ETH. The traded volume amount is 2K ETH with 3.9K owners.

Sappy Seals NFTs Trade Volume (As Of 26th September 2021):

As per the reports of nft-stats.Com, in the last 7 days, the Sappy Seals NFTs were sold 3761 times with a total trading volume of USD 3.78M. The average price in the last 7 days was USD 1004K.

According To The Last 7 Days Statistics (As Of 26th September 2021):

  • 10% Sappy Seals NFTs were sold for <=USD 357
  • 50% Sappy Seals NFTs were sold for <= USD 901
  • Top 10% Sappy Seals NFTs were sold for => USD 1458

How To Buy Sappy Seals NFTs?

How To Buy Sappy Seals NFTs
Source: Opensea

Sappy Seals NFTs are available at and Rarible. But, not all the Sappy Seals NFTs are up for sale. Some of the Sappy Seals NFTs are only available for auction.

To buy Sappy Seals NFTs or make a bid, you must log in to your OpenSea or Rarible account using your digital Wallet.


It’s not just the ocean clean-up pledge, Sappy Seals team is planning for gaming and upcoming Metaverse infrastructure projects to expand the community even further.

They are offering rare Sappy Seals NFTs in return for just 4 weeks of commitment, which is quite rare.
Apart from that, their market price is quite steady and likely to be that way – but still, you need to be cautious when dealing with NFTs.

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