The Silks NFTs by Game of Silks are valuable assets of a P2E (Play to Earn) based Metaverse game “SILKS”. It is a digital world of horse racing where users across the globe can participate in trading, training, and racing horses. Game of Silks Genesis Avatar NFT is built on Ethereum blockchain that bridges real-world thoroughbred horse racing to a Metaverse. Game of Silks NFT provides a platform for consistent interaction between horse owners, horse farm owners, and breeders to optimize rewards and risk.

Silks ecosystem will consistently store and update information regarding results of historical and current races, generations of bloodlines, birth, developments in training, and skills of real-world thoroughbred racehorses in massive databases. The information stored in decentralized data sets will be backed up by Arweave.

Silks NFTs: Know Everything About Game of Silks Genesis NFT Avatars!

Game of Silks NFT

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The Silk NFT collectibles are launching in two phases according to the project roadmap from the Game of Silks team. Phase 1 is for Silk Genesis Avatars and the Second Phase launch includes Silk Horses.

The silks NFTs are of four types which are Racing Silks, Land, Stables, and Horses.


The game of Silk’s Racing silks are colorful and unique uniforms that will represent the identity of every racehorse owner in the silks metaverse. Racing silks represent the horse owner’s “family crest” and are traditionally won by jockeys as a way for the public to identify the owner of each horse in a race.

In order to directly purchase a silks horse, an individual must first acquire Game of Silk’s racing silk which will represent their identity throughout the silks metaverse. Individual racing silk signifies both ownership and identity and will appear virtually on its horses, stables, and other areas within the silks metaverse. Racing silks will be tradable like any other NFT on the silks platform. Horse owners that don’t have registered racing silks on the platform are not eligible to earn $STTs when their horses win races.

Game of Silks HORSES NFT

The Game of Silks NFT collection includes avatars of horses. Each avatar represents a real-world thoroughbred racehorse linked to it through a decentralized set of databases. These databases provide exclusive information on a real thoroughbred racehorse.

Wherever any new horse gets registered as a thoroughbred racehorse in the US, all the traits of a newborn horse will be examined. This information will be uploaded in a database connected to Game of Silks Metaverse. After this, a new Silks NFT representing the avatar of a newly registered horse will be created in the Silks ecosystem and will be ready for sale in primary as well as secondary markets.

Game of Silks LAND NFT

Here, the Game of Silk Horse NFT can be staked, and more rewards can be generated. A win-win for the members of the Silks NFT community. The silks metaverse will be built on 202,500 acres of virtual land. The land will be segmented on a 450*450 acre grid and each plot will be represented by horizontal and vertical coordinates that determine the land’s unique location on the grid. Each plot of land will be one acre and represented as an NFT with its unique coordinates. Land must be acquired by players to build horse farms in the silks metaverse. Each structure will require a certain amount of contiguous land. The amount of available land will not exceed 202,500 acres without the approval of the DAO.

Game of Silks STABLE NFT

Horse NFTs can be trained here, which shall imbue them with more value. And the results for the same would be seen in the races, which if won, will generate more rewards. The Game of silks metaverse will introduce many types of structures to support the needs of its ecosystem. Initially, silks will launch with a stable – the primary structure necessary to operate a horse farm.

The minimum size horse farm is 10 acres and will require a player wishing to build one to assemble 10 lands NFTs that are contiguous to each other. Every 10 acres of land will accommodate one stable which can house and maintain up to 10 horses. There will be a limited number of stables available equal to 10 percent of the number of horses living in the silks metaverse. The silks platform intends to introduce future functionality that will allow owners to syndicate or sell their farms.

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Silk NFT: How To Participate And Earn Rewards With Game of Silks NFT?

Players can participate in

  1. Building horse Farms.
  2. Buying, Selling, and Staking Horses.
  3. Algorithmic racing.
  4. Trading land and horse farms.
  5. Training horses.

Players can win rewards by

1)winning in real-world and algorithmic races.
2)staking horses in horse farms.
3)breeding horses to give birth to a newborn horse.
4)by updating the exclusive information of real-world thoroughbred racehorses in the Silks ecosystem.

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Silks NFT Roadmap – Interesting Points To Note!

How To Buy Silks NFT

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Silk’s Genesis Avatar collection will be listed for sale on Silks NFT OpenSea in the first quarter of 2022 according to the Game of Silks Team. This collection will include 10k unique uniforms of numerous color combinations. By owning Silks genesis NFTs, players will be identified as owners of their horse and will be eligible to mint Silks horses later. By owning a Silks Genesis NFT, players will have early access to yearling mint and all early adopters will be eligible for rewards, giveaways, and airdrops. Silk nft which is based on a real-life one-year-old racehorse is known as a ‘yearling’ in the silks metaverse.

Yearling mint will go live in the second half of the first quarter of 2022. Players can mint Silks horses and will be eligible to earn rewards by racing, buying, selling, and breeding in the Silks ecosystem.

How To Buy Silks NFT? 

As of 14 March 2022, Players can have early access to secure Silks NFTs by owning a whitelist spot. Securing a whitelist spot will help a buyer to own NFTs at a much lower price than the actual Silks NFT mint price. Players can participate in a whitelist competition by joining the whitelist from

Silks NFT Price Prediction For 2022.

Thoroughbred horserace US is a very famous event with a huge fan following across the globe. Furthermore, it is a play-to-earn economy-based game that will attract a lot of people to join Silks Metaverse. The project is backed up by a strong team and has numerous possibilities to expand in the future. By analyzing the fundamentals and sentiment of users interested, Silks NFT Floor price will skyrocket as soon as the public sale goes live and the Price predictions are to the higher end like the De Race NFTs.


Game of Silks NFT allows users to experience the thrill of real-world horserace. Thoroughbred horserace US is a rich event that involves millions of money every year. The barrier of distance for fans across the globe has been bridged by paralleling the real-life event into a metaverse. Furthermore, this game is based on pure skill. All these factors make Silks NFTs valuable digital assets and numerous possibilities to expand Silks Metaverse in the future make this Game more thrilling and exciting.

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