Are you looking for SuperRare NFT Collectibles review 2021? Would you like to know more about SuperRare NFT drops? Do you wish to know how to buy SuperRare NFTs?

SuperRare is an NFT marketplace that allows you to buy and sell the rarest, single edition artworks. All of their artworks are designed by in-network artists. All the collectibles are tokenized, so you may buy or sell them at a fair price. 

According to their official website –, the artists have earned USD 78M, and the Secondary sales prices have crossed a whooping USD 38M – with an average resale value of 5889%.
So, what can you expect from SuperRare NFT drop! – To know more, read on.

What Is SuperRare And How Do The SuperRare NFT Drops Work?

After minting their first artwork on 5th April 2018, at precisely 11:20:20 (UTC), SuperRare has made quite a name for itself in the Ethereum Blockchain.
Today, SuperRare regularly features in The New York Times, Vice, Artnet, HYPEBEAST, CNET, Forbes, and Fortune, which generally backs its success. 
After 1229 days of inception, over 1400 digital artists on SuperRare have sold USD 90M worth of artwork. 
Although the digital artwork revolution is still at its preschool level, SuperRare has taken a step forward by introducing SuperRare 2.0 and $RARE drops.
SuperRare 2.0 has seen 3 major advancements:

  • SuperRare Spaces: Personalized storefronts where the Curation and commissions will be decided by the SuperRare community itself.
  • SuperRare DAO: This is a decentralized governance council, a.k.a SuperRare Governance Council. Their job is to manage and oversee the SuperRare spaces, community treasures, and most importantly, to ensure the platform’s fruitful future. All the decisions made by the council and unanimous and depends on the votes of $RARE holders.
  • Sovereign Smart Contracts: This allows independent artists to make smart contracts even if the artwork has been minted somewhere else.

$RARE Curation Token – $RARE Drop

$RARE Drop Token In SuperRare NFT
Source: Superrare

According to the SuperRare team, $RARE is the primary step towards the progression of a decentralized economy. $RARE tokens are supposed to serve the next-gen artists neatly, influencing them to stay creative and come up with something more attractive every time. 

Artists with $RARE tokens will have the opportunity to be a part of the SuperRare community, functioning as the SuperRare Spaces. 

With $RARE drops, SuperRare is taking a big leap in the decentralized finance by transferring the ownership to the community (which, they believe is the reason for their success).

How To Claim SuperRare $RARE Drops?

SuperRare has 1 Billion $RARE tokens and they are dropping 15% i.e. 150M $RARE tokens to the community. 
If you want to know if you are eligible for a $RARE drop or not, just connect your wallet by clicking with the Superrare token address available with the SuperRare official website

If you are eligible, SuperRare will send you a personalized email, detailing the amount of $RARE you may claim.

SuperRare Drop Method:

  • Artist Badge Holders: 1.5%
  • Artist Baseline: 2%
  • Artist Marketplace Count: 12.5%
  • Artist Marketplace Volume: 35%
  • Collector Badge Holders: 1.5%
  • Collector Marketplace Count: 12.5%
  • Collector Marketplace Volume: 35%

The eligible ones must claim their drops within 90 days from the announcement i.e. 18th August 2021, or they will be reverted to the SuperRare Community Treasury.

How SuperRare Is planning The Future Roadmap?

The SuperRare developers believe that the future of the digital art revolution depends on the SuperRare community. 
You may join them via Discord to visit the gated hub that is personalized for the $RARE holders. By verifying your identity, you may discuss the future with other $RARE holders from the community. 
The developers have promised to make SuperRare more intriguing and collaborative for the artists and the collectors.

SuperRare Sales Statics:

SuperRare NFTs Current Price Trends (As Of 18th September 2021):

There are 26.3K SuperRare NFTs are available in The current floor price for SuperRare NFT is 0.15 ETH. The traded volume amount is 45.7K ETH with 4.9K owners.

SuperRare NFTs Trade Volume (As Of 18th September 2021):

SuperRare NFT Sales Statics
Source: nft stats

As per the reports of nft-stats.Com, in the last 7 days, the SuperRare NFTs were sold 95 times with a total trading volume of USD 1.39M. The average price in the last 7 days was USD 14.6K.

According To The Last 7 Days Statistics (As Of 18th September 2021):

  • 10% SuperRare NFTs were sold for <=USD 715
  • 50% SuperRare NFTs were sold for <= USD 3515
  • Top 10% SuperRare NFTs were sold for => USD 19.2K

Top 5 SuperRare NFTs Sold In The Last 30 Days:

  1. AI-Generated Landscape Painting #2: USD 1.9M
  2. AI-Generated Nude Portrait #7 Frame #193: USD 757K
  3. AI-Generated Nude Portrait #7 Frame #96: USD 725K
  4. LIES: USD 708K
  5. When Airdrop? : USD 624K

How To Buy SuperRare NFTs?

How To Buy SuperRare NFTs
Source: Opensea

You may buy, bid, and reserve SuperRare NFTs from their official website. All you have to do is to sign up with your wallet and visit the “Market” option from the top-right corner. 

You may also buy and bid on SuperRare NFTs from and Rarible NFT Marketplace. All you have to do is to visit those NFT marketplaces and sign in/sign up with your digital wallet. 


The numbers are advocating for the SuperRare NFTs. However, if you go to OpenSea or Rarible and search SuperRare NFTs from “Price High to Low”, the numbers will startle you.

Besides, you will get to be a part of $RARE drops and SuperRare Community, which is adding hundreds of members every day. 
The developers are confident about the future of SuperRare and so are we. 

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