The Moose Society NFT is a community-led, deflationary decentralised finance project dedicated to assisting children. By collaborating with Excel to Excellence and The Children’s Hospital, they establish a platform to help children prepare them for a brighter, healthier future.

The Moose Society NFT’s development team encourages community participation in light of the rapidly changing market environment.
Simultaneously, they generate passive income for investors through frictionless yield rewards, often known as “reflections.”

Investors who hold two or more NFTs will be able to stake in any pair. This staking is termed Side Quests. When you send your couple on a minimum of 90-day side quest, you will receive a FREE Mini Moose Mint upon their return. That duo will never have another miniature moose.

The longer you hold your Moose NFTs, the more Moose TRAX Tokens you earn. Any transaction within their ecosystem will incur a 5% transaction fee. One per cent of the payment will be donated to the charities they support.

TMS: The Moose Society NFT Road Map

TMS Mini Moose NFT

The Moose Society Mini Moose NFTs are a hand-drawn, limited edition collection of 5000 males and females. The team has spent the last 11 months developing the artwork and creating incredible utility for all holders! The Moose Society initially released 500 NFTs into the wild. They added rarity information to their profiles in Rarity Sniper and launched a $500 holder giveaway. Additionally, they released 4500 herd members to Moose Island and held a $1000 holder giveaway.

Another significant milestone in their endeavour was the acquisition of Sandbox Land. Then they began fundraising for mini moose collection and distributed Moose Island Plot NFTs. They then announced the Moose TRAX Token Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the Mini Moose Collection. Finally, Sandbox Metaverse P2E was launched, along with Real-World Rewards.

The Moose Society NFT Mint Date And Price For Mini Moose

According to the official website of The Moose Society, the Mini Moose NFT Mint Date: MARCH 20TH, 2022

The Mini Moose NFT Mint Price:0.01 ETH

Another thing to note is according to the Moose Society website, NextEarth.IO will be giving the first 100 persons to Mint 10 a plot of land on Moose Island. They are expected to make a big announcement once all plots have been assigned!

Purpose of Moose Society NFT :

Moose Society is the world’s first deflationary Decentralised Finance Platform. It is centred on a highly successful non-profit humanitarian organisation dedicated to child health care. Moose Society is aimed to attract long-term investors who believe in the limitless possibilities of connecting the new cryptocurrency realm to organisations that prioritise health care. It is a community-driven token based on the well-established model of Deflationary Tokenomics. Additional security measures and benefits, such as frictionless static rewards, are included in the token (passive income).

The Moose Society is a cornerstone dedicated to promoting children’s health and assisting families with medical expenses. It’s a well-known fact that many huge charities, although attempting to do good, use a sizable portion of all donations to support their operations and sometimes onerous infrastructure. However, because Moose Society is constructed on the blockchain, it ensures transparency. With its deliberately made ecosystem, the Moose Society is designed to balance all parts of its protocol and achieve long-term sustainable growth.


Moose TRAX is the Moose Society platform’s native cryptocurrency. This token will be used as a medium of exchange inside the ecosystem for purchasing, trading, and upgrading your NFTs. Holders of Moose Society NFTs will receive ten Moose TRAX per day for each NFT. Moose TRAX can be used to purchase Serums, Hero Boxes, and in-game upgrades, along with other things!

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