Are you looking to buy Doge Pound NFT Review? Let us introduce you to, the most reliable place on the internet to buy some cool Doge Pound NFT.

With NFT gaining massive popularity, many platforms have stepped forward to turn interesting artworks into Non-Fungible Tokens. Doge Pound is among such websites that are planning to introduce attractive NFTs to the masses.
There are more than 10,000 Doge Pound NFT artworks that can be purchased using Ethereum. Owning a Doge Pound NFT has tons of benefits that a buyer can enjoy. A lot of NFTs are minted almost regularly.

Since all the NFTs on the official website are sold out, there is a way to get Doge Pound NFT, i.e. through From buying a new Doge Pound NFT to bidding for popular ones, Opensea.IO gives you multiple options for buying NFTs.

Today’s NFT review will take a closer look at Doge Pound NFT and How to buy them from Opensea.IO.

What Is Doge Pound NFT?

Doge Pound NFT
Doge Pound NFT comprises cool artworks of dogs in hip costumes. A Doge Pound is made of complex algorithms that combine numerous properties using different clothing, mouth, background, fur, earring, hat, and eyes. All of these things make each Doge Pound unique and attractive.

Each Doge Pound NFT carries a different starting value which is decided by considering various factors.
While Doge Pound is not among the popular NFTs for now, its unique artwork ensures that it has great potential in the near future. Also, it has some great minds behind its production and circulation that makes it an attractive option.

The price of a single Doge Pound token is around 0.069 ETH. However, if you purchase the NFTs from Opensea.IO, you can pay in US dollars too. In recent developments, the creators of Doge Pound have initiated the Metaverse phase. This enables the token owners to get a 3D model of their Doge Pound character or its accessories.

The Minds Behind Doge Pound

How to buy Doge Pound NFT
Doge Pound NFTs are created and distributed by a group of talented individuals. The official website of Doge Pound, i.e., describes the core team briefly and humorously with metaphoric sentences.

Crypto Babe is the artist of the Doge Pound and the mastermind behind the creation of all the Doge Pound tokens that are available on the website. She came up with the idea of Doge illustrations due to her love for dogs. Crypto Babe then mixed the idea of Doge illustration (derived from Dogecoin) and cryptocurrency to create The Doge Pound.

While working as a corporate recruiter, Crypto Babe has also worked as a digital artist in the last 10 years. Crypto Babe and John Lemon have experience in the mobile gaming domain.

Other members of the team include John Lemon, Jimmy Chew, and White Fang. There is hardly any information about them on the website.

The Doge Pound NFT Airdrop Comes To Dogecoin Unishiba Holders

The Doge Pound team has found a perfect way to introduce themselves to other token holders, i.e. NFT Airdrops. If you’re not familiar with Airdrops, they are like gifts to other token or cryptocurrency holders.

This time, they are planning to shake hands with Dogecoin Unishiba Holders, another popular canine-loving cryptocurrency community. The tokens will be deposited into wallets/accounts of Dogecoin Unishiba Holders.

Every Doge Pound NFT holder will receive 1 PMON on the Binance Smart Chain through these airdrops. These NFTs will be eligible for trade on Opensea.IO in exchange for Ethereum coins. This will help a lot of people to experience the thrill of trading in Doge Pound NFT.

Growth Potential For Doge Pound NFTS

With NFTs gaining a lot of popularity, Doge Pound Token holders are quite concerned about the growth and progress of the community and its NFTs. There has been a lot of news about NFTs selling for millions of dollars. This has brought everyone to one burning question, does Doge Pound have the potential to reach such growth?
Many factors point towards the steady growth of the Doge Pound. To begin with, the Doge Pound team consists of young and multi-talented individuals who are making great efforts to turn the project into a huge success.

Even though they are new to the world of NFT, they have amazing plans to make things better. The Doge Pound team has considered various avenues for short and long-term growth that includes the Metaverse too.

As mentioned earlier, the team is already working on creating tokens and accessories for the Metaverse. Foraying early into the Metaverse will make Doge Pound one of the first NFTs in the new technological world.
Here are some pros and cons about the growth of Doge Pound that can give you a better insight.


  • Unique and impeccably shaped
  • Ready for the Metaverse
  • Progressive and dynamic team


  • The team is new to the NFT space
  • Has fewer bidders and buyers as of now

Pros And Cons Of Doge Pound NFT:

With so many NFT options in the market, what makes Doge Pound a unique and must-buy alternative? These are some of the overall pros and cons of owning a Doge Pound NFT.


  • It uses the most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum
  • The founding team comprises young and ambitious individuals
  • Doge Pound’s overall popularity has gained a substantial boost after being made available for Dogecoin Unishiba users.
  • 3D NFT models underway for the upcoming Metaverse
  • It can be purchased with US dollars through Opensea


  • A new team with the identity of members still unknown
  • Very few buyers
  • Low bid offers

How To Purchase Doge Pound With Opensea.IO?

How to buy Doge Pound NFT from Opensea
If you’re new to the NFT game and yet interested in buying Doge Pound, you can try buying it from Opensea.IO. You just have to follow these simple steps to purchase The Doge Pound NFTs.

  • Create An Ether Wallet With Metamask

To buy a Doge Pound NFT token, you need to have a MetaMask wallet. This wallet enables you to deal in cryptocurrencies and save keys, addresses, and tokens. The sign-up process for a MetaMask Wallet is elaborate but easy.
The process begins with installing the extension on your browser. Once the extension is installed, the installation wizard will guide you through the rest of the process.

  • Find The Token You Want To Buy

Choose from the wide range of tokens listed on the website. You can pick from the different properties that make a Doge Pound appear unique and desirable.

  • Confirming The Order

Once you have decided on the token you wish to buy, you have to initiate the order by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button. This will open a small pop-up that will show the transaction details such as the token number and the order value both in cryptocurrency and US dollars.

  • Make Payment

To complete the transaction, you will have to make the payment. You can choose to pay using cryptocurrency or US dollars from the website. Once the payment is complete, you will get an order confirmation receipt.

How To Purchase Doge Pound Tokens

After opening the Opensea.IO website, you can search for ‘The Doge Pound’ to see all the tokens available for sale. You can also choose from the different appearance properties to find the token you wish to buy.

To acquire the token, you will have to pay by using Ethereum or US dollars. You will need a MetaMask wallet to process the payment and store the token. However, the Ether equivalent to the purchase price of the token has to be added to the wallet.

You can also place a bid for popular tokens from the bidding section. The token is deposited into your account after the bidding is completed.

Conclusion – Is It Worth Buying?

Since NFT is still in its developmental phase, it is the perfect time to get your hands on the unique tokens that could get higher returns in the future. Considering the continuous increase in The Doge Pound’s popularity and the low price of some tokens, buying them can be a sensible investment for the long run.
Moreover, the fact that it’s one of the first NFTs that is designed for the Metaverse adds to its technological advantage.

FAQ – Questions And Answers (100 words or less)

Some NFT Tokens Don’t Have Images Or Just Show A Question Mark?

When you visit the Opensea.IO or The Doge Pound website, you might see some tokens without images or just ‘?’ on the thumbnail. This is common as the website keeps updating the images periodically. However, this should not happen once you have purchased a token.

Is It Possible To Buy Doge Pound Tokens From Mobile?

You can buy the Doge Pound Tokens from your mobile directly from

Why Is My NFT Token Not Showing The Opensea.IO Account?

NFT transfers can take time, and there can be multiple reasons behind them. However, if your transfer is not completed within a day, you can contact The Doge Pound service team for a resolution.

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