No Mercy is a “stress reliever” app now available in the App Store. The holidays might seem like the ideal time to seek stress relief, but you must understand No Mercy is for humor and entertainment purposes only and the level of humor and entertainment No Mercy brings you will depend vastly upon your personality. If you are perhaps a little mentally unstable and find stress relief in blowing holes in someone or something with an uzi, then No Mercy is the perfect iPhone app.
No Mercy makes use of photos, either from your device’s photo library or new ones taken with the camera, and allows users to chose from 23 different methods of attack. Some are mild, like throwing eggs and tomatoes, while others are a bit more disturbimg in a Jig Saw sort of way, such as driving a screw with a screw gun or peppering the image with a shotgun. Your plan of attack is up to you and you can toggle back and forth between all 23 if you like.
The No Mercy app allows you to save your “attacked” images to your camera roll for emailing to friends (or enemies if that’s how you roll) or you can also use just the sample photo supplied. The interface in No Mercy is pretty straightforward and the graphics are solid. You have a few simple settings to tailor personal preference, such as turning sound effects and music off and on, and while the app loads with a pretty cool video intro, if you don’t toggle the intro off you’ll have to watch it every time. For whatever reason, it won’t save the intro “off” setting after closing and cool as it is, it does get old.
No Mercy is a mere $0.99 and while there’s a free version being given away as a Christmas “gift” that features a single image of Santa’s unshaven helper, only the paid version allows you to access your photo library and camera. Being able to upload and use your own photos is probably essential to most users. If you’re wanting to take virtual revenge on your boss for no Christmas bonus or if you’d like to slap Brian Kelly for leaving the Bearcats before the bowl game, then No Mercy is a small, no harm way to let your aggressions out.
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