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Underneath the shell, Oh My Nuts is a physics-based puzzler that uses a touch and drag shooting mechanic to launch a squirrel across the screen via a pot-bellied pig onto none other than a floating acorn. And once you crack this game open you won’t want to stop.
While the physics puzzle genre is running amuck with good and bad gaming options, Oh My Nuts easily pulls off the feat of providing a unique take on an old style. I mean, who launches a squirrel with a pig? Genius. Not only is the gameplay unique, the graphics are quite amusing. From birds with ruffled feathers to cartoonish backgrounds set across Brazil, France, Japan and the U.S., the game does a great job of giving oomph to the drag, aim and shoot gameplay.
Beyond the visual appeal, the actual game offers enough enemies and obstacles in the way of the point A to point B path that ensures you’ll be challenged when finding alternate ways to land on that floating acorn. My favorite addition was the trampoline, but it’s also a pain. Other elements such as barrels that can be manipulated and used to launch you at varying angles add an extra level of interactivity.
The difficulty of the game is as challenging as you make it. For instance, completing most levels is quite easy. However, completing most levels with three stars is quite hard as the levels progress. This extra bit of gameplay toughness is what sets this title apart from other lesser titles that are way to easy to actually keep your interest. That’s what I liked about Oh My Nuts. It literally got nuts at points in the game where I felt the developers where playing a silly trick on me and that there wasn’t actually a way to get three stars.
Priced at $.99, there is plenty of action within the game. In fact, there are 50 levels with more coming soon from the developer Gara Entertainments S.A.S. As mentioned above, the levels are set in some of earth’s most popular places and within those levels are appropriately themed landmarks such as pagodas, the Eiffel Tower and the Cristo Redentor statue in Rio de Janeiro.
If you’re a fan of the collect three stars, dodge objects and land safely on the other side of the screen then Oh My Nuts is the game for you. Complete with wacky cartoonish graphics and pretty sweet gameplay, this physics puzzler will keep you occupied for plenty of time.