If you’re looking to find which platform is better for your need between Onlyfans Vs Just For Fans, then you’re in the right place. OnlyFans is a subscription-based online content-sharing platform where creators upload videos and photos for their paid subscribers. The content is usually created by models, fitness trainers, YouTubers, and other online influencers.

The platform was created in 2016 but got its first mainstream attention during the COVID lockdown when the platform was flooded with artists looking to make a living. Since then, OnlyFans has become one of the most popular content-sharing platforms on the internet.

Whereas, Just For Fans is an OnlyFans Alternative that offers a similar subscription-based content-sharing service, but it mainly caters to the LGBT community. Dominic Ford, a gay adult actor, created Just For Fans to help content creators connect with their audience more reliably and without the need for third-party distribution.

Although all genders are accepted, the platform is predominantly popular among LGBT individuals. Let’s start with some of the key differences between Onlyfans & Just For Fans, and after that, we can conclude which platform is better.

Onlyfans Vs Just For Fans: Key Differences 2023

In this section, We will be comparing Just For Fans and OnlyFans based on a few key parameters. Although they share a similar business model, the features offered are different. Let’s discuss what’s unique about both of these platforms.

1) Payout and Commissions

Onlyfans Payout and Commissions
Source: Onlyfans

OnlyFans and Just For Fans charge a percentage of a creator’s membership subscriptions as a commission. The rate of commission is different for both platforms. Both these platforms charge a 20% commission, but the latter offers an Exclusive package where you get to keep 85% of your earnings instead of the regular 80%.

The commissions are primarily used to fund the website’s development, support, hosting, payment processing, and profits.

The payout amount is also different for both platforms. The minimum payout for OnlyFans is $20, whereas that of Just For Fans is $50. Moreover, creators can withdraw their earnings anytime they want on OnlyFans. But in the case of Just For Fans, they can withdraw their earnings once per week.

In the case of payment outlets, both platforms offer bank transfers and Paxum. But Just For Fans supports cryptocurrency payouts, which is a big advantage. If you want to earn money fast, then OnlyFans is the better choice.

However, Just For Fans’ crypto payout feature makes it more appealing to creators who prefer a more flexible payment gateway.

Winner According To Us: Tie as both provide users with almost the same features.

2) How To Attract Users To The Websites

OnlyFans is far more popular than Just For Fans. So, becoming a successful content creator on OnlyFans is way more difficult, thanks to the high competition. But that doesn’t mean Just For Fans is a better choice.

It’s true that they have less competition, but it also means they have a lower user base, which means lower revenue. So no matter what platform you’re on if you want to make a name for yourself, you need to produce unique content and promote it everywhere. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Use Social Media

Promoting on OnlyFans or Just For Fans isn’t enough. You’d have to use your other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and Reddit to spread your influence.

  • Teasers and Previews

OnlyFans offers a preview feature that you can use to tease future content. Although there is no such feature on Just For Fans, you can leverage your other social media platforms to attract your fans and keep them updated.

Winner According To Us: OnlyFans, Since it offers a preview feature.

 3) What Kind Of Content Can You Create On Both Sites

What Content Can You Create On Onlyfans

In a nutshell, Just For Fans does not offer certain features that OnlyFans does, and vice versa. Here is a small overview:

Table Showing Features

For OnlyFans, it doesn’t need to be a physical object. It might be a customized video made just for a specific subscriber. Although text messaging is free on Just For Fans, OnlyFans offer pay-per-view messages which are somewhat of a similar but costlier concept.

You might assume from the chart alone that Just For Fans has a slight advantage over OnlyFans in some areas. However, there are some workarounds for OnlyFans content creators. For instance, you can still offer something specially made for OnlyFans users if permitted.

As for the remaining features (live streaming, individual clips, tips), Just For Fans seems to be the better option. Not only is live streaming more engaging, but most of these subscribers look forward to receiving unique content (individual clips) made just for them.

Winner According To Us: Just For Fans

4) Which Platform Pays Better When It Comes To Affiliates & Referrals

Affiliation and referral programs are available on both websites. Regarding the revenue sharing percentage, which is 5%, there isn’t much of a difference. Nevertheless, there are some distinctions between the two.

Everyone (especially those who produce content on the platform) can take advantage of the creator referral program by OnlyFans.

The affiliate and referral program offered by Just For Fans, however, is regarded by the users as being “semi-exclusive.” The platform doesn’t clearly suggest what one needs to do to take advantage of the feature.

OnlyFans is clear in what they are offering, which makes them a better and far more reliable choice in this case.

Winner According To Us: OnlyFans

5) Onlyfans Pros And Cons

  • High Traffic – It’s quite popular, so there is no shortage of subscribers, provided you’re talented enough to attract them.
  • Organic Discovery – Offers several ways for creators and their content to get discovered by others.
  • Popularity – It’s quite popular, especially within the adult entertainment community.
  • Infrastructure – Offers everything you need to create and manage an online content-sharing platform.

Onlyfans Cons – Things We didn’t Like

  • High Commission – 20% doesn’t seem much when you’re a small-time creator. But when you’re in the big leagues with thousands of subscribers, the high commission rate will hurt. And remember you’d have to pay taxes in addition to the 20% commission.
  • No Text Messaging – Some users prefer to talk to their content creator personally, which is not possible.

6) Just For Fans Pros And Cons

  • Robust LGBT Community – While similar platforms cater to straight individuals, Just For Fans is a safe haven for subscribers with exquisite tastes.
  • By a creator or creators – The site is created by a gay adult actor for gay content creators. So, it’s well-optimized for the people working on the platform.

Just For Fans Cons – Things We didn’t Like

  • Outdated Design – Cannot compete with competitors due to its old design.
  • Higher minimum payout – The $50 minimum payout can be off-putting to newcomers.

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OnlyFans vs Just For Fans: Which is better?

Judging by the scores, OnlyFans seems to be the better option. But if it weren’t for the target audience, Just For Fans would’ve easily surpassed them. The LGBT community is growing every day, and a place dedicated solely to them is bound to get attention. If not now, then in the future.

Starting off with OnlyFans, the site offers decent organic traffic. With the right strategy, an active social media profile, and a timely uploading schedule, you’ll be able to attract a lot of traffic to your profile. It’s all about consistency and keeping your subscribers happy. Achieve that, and OnlyFans will handle the rest. OnlyFans seems to top Just For Fans in every other aspect.

Just For Fans offers customized content, text messaging, and the option to send individual clips to specific users. The one thing they lack is tips, which they can easily introduce in the future. Even so, they make up for the lost revenue through other features.

At this stage, either of the platforms is a viable choice. The one thing both platforms have in common is live streaming. Besides that, Just For Fans beats OnlyFans at every step except one.

You see, Just For Fans is targeted toward the gay community. In spite of the surging popularity of the LGBT community across the globe, it’s a drop in the sea compared to the number of straight individuals in the world.

So, OnlyFans will always be more popular and have a large user base (provided they keep up with the trend) since it entered the market way before its competition.

Parting Thoughts

It’s been only three years since Just For Fans entered the market. It’s not unpopular by any means, but only time will tell whether it succeeds as a subscription-based content-sharing platform. But as of now, OnlyFans seems to be the better option if you want to join the content creation market.


1) Is Just For Fans safe?

Yes, Just For Fans is safe. The website operates on a similar business model to OnlyFans. Content creators create content that subscribers can view in exchange for a monthly fee. There are other features included, but the fact is that it’s a legit website where people can earn money.

2) How much do beginners make on OnlyFans?

As a beginner, you can expect to earn around $150 per month. The average OnlyFans content creator usually has 20–21 subscribers, and at $7.20 per subscriber, you won’t be earning a fortune. If you plan to make this your livelihood, you’d have to climb to the top.

3) Can you be anonymous on Just For Fans?

No, you can’t be anonymous on Just For Fans. Since OnlyFans requires you to share some payment information with the platform, it is impossible to remain completely anonymous while using the service.

4) How much does Onlyfans take from tips?

OnlyFans takes a flat 20% commission from every transaction, including tips.

5) Is it hard to make money on OnlyFans and Just For Fans?

Yes, it’s hard to make money on OnlyFans and Just For Fans, especially if you’re a beginner and do not have an active social media profile.

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