Packing Pro is an organizational packing checklist for anyone preparing to travel for any reason. From the very beginning when I first checked out this app, I felt as if Quinn Genzel, the developer of Packing Pro and the lite version, Packing, personally knows me and wants to be my travel buddy.
I can not tell you how many times I’ve failed to appropriately prepare and pack for even a simple, weekend getaway. I have made lists, which helps, but I become so easily overwhelmed by the concept of complete organization that I make mistakes and invariably over or under-pack. With Packing Pro you get simplified organization, preparation and packing suggestions, as well as the ability to customize a checklist for successful travel.
Packing Pro provides users with sample packing lists that are already tailored to gender, number of people traveling and type of trip. You can then import the sample template for any upcoming trip and further customize it according to your needs, or you can create your own list completely from scratch. With Packing Pro, I can say I will definitely make fewer packing mistakes – like the time I forgot the stuffed monkey my five-year-old couldn’t sleep without or the time I forgot to pack myself any flip-flops on a trip that included a beach visit.
In both the Packing and Packing Pro versions, you get an incredibly detailed, professional organizational app with collapsible categories, auto save, email capability, detailed records, room for notes, and the list just goes on and on. Not only can you create a packing checklist, but also a checklist of preparational “to do” tasks. Flexibility is important in any organizational application and Packing Pro offers plenty of it. Plus, you get the ability to not only customize its function, but the appearance as well by changing background and header colors as well as font.
I would hate to overstate Packing Pro’s usefulness as a packing checklist, but it really is like having a personal packing assistant who wants and helps you to achieve organizational success, not just one that makes you think it’s possible. The navigation and iterface is as smooth as any and there seems to be sufficient memory to plan a year-long furlough. Just as the original Packing version earned kudos from demonstrations in Apple Retailers across the US, the enhanced version of Packing Pro has earned a permanent place on my menu.
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