Paper Toss – I suppose I shouldn’t admit it in public, but I would pay for Blackflip Studios’ free Paper Toss, unlike the developer’s Ragdoll Blaster – A Physics Puzzler which I thought was only so-so for $1.99.
Paper Toss is sleepy simple as a concept but it’s a narcotic in real life. All you have to do is toss, using a finger swipe, a balled-up piece of paper into wastepaper basket . We’ve all taken a jump shot at the basket at work; when they go in from 20-ish feet, we think Kobe Bryant-like warm and fuzzy thoughts. It’s not hard and it’s fun.
But Paper Toss has what I call the “Potato Chip Syndrome” or PCS. You eat one, and you have to eat the whole bag. Same thing here: You miss a basket, you have to keep trying, and trying. Before long, you’ve progressed to seeing if you can hit 10 in a row and your wife, kids and dog have deserted you.
Here’s where the fun hard part comes in. Fans roost on desktops pushing your paper ball X number of feet to the left of right. You have to take into account the wind shear and once you think you have the angle just on line, swipe your finger.
Paper Toss has Easy, Medium and Hard modes. Easy mode: Put the rock in the hoop near your desk, which ‘natch is in a cube; Medium mode: Farther, from one end of the cube to another. Let’s see just good you are, son. Hard mode: Further, from your cube to the end of the aisle, next to the water cooler. You’re in the big leagues now.
In the backgroundof Paper Toss, you hear paper shuffling, telephones ringing, copiers making copier noises – the only thing missing is the loud woman over in the next cube talking on the phone to her mother about how much you suck. There’s a woman like that in Paper Toss too, but it was easy to ignore her. I had my game face on and I was in the zone.

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