A Paper’d Phone is a Cool Phone

Face it, personalizing your device with wallpaper and backgrounds is fun. There are plenty of showy (and some pricey) apps that let users create bright, beautiful and bold backgrounds, home and lock screens, but for simplistic, inspiring and unique images, Paper’d is like a free gift for your phone. The artistic styles of Paper’d images are different than you might expect. Many of them resemble paper art and the categories included are unique as well. Paper’d is free to download, and while not all images are available without an additional in-app purchase, many of them are included for free.
Categories within Paper’d include AAAAAH Adorable Monsters!, Astrology, States, Patterns, Quotes, Initials, Robots, and more. Granted, some images are far more artistic or expressive than others, but the plain fact is there’s a little something for everyone. The focus of Paper’d is unique design/illustrations and the running style is subtle and simple, but visually appealing.
The Paper’d interface is smooth and selections can be made by browsing categories displayed in a scroll-wheel design with brief descriptions included. There is a preview option that lets users view both the lock screen and home screen with selected images. Making use of the images as wallpaper is as simple as saving a single image or an entire collection to your photo library and then setting the saved image accordingly. Some wallpaper designs, such as days of the week, would benefit greatly from the ability to automatically rotate, but this functionality simply isn’t available – not because the developers don’t see the benefit, but because it’s not a current possibility.
Another bonus to Paper’d as a wallpaper image collection is the frequent/occasional update. New galleries will randomly become available for selection – some free, some intended to be purchased. This helps keep the collection fresh and provides additional personalization options. Many of the current categories are images, but there is a strong focus on words as well. Several categories display mantras and quotes, such as the Zen and Just Be categories. Some categories are strong in their design and others are just so-so. The weakest category is the “area code” category, which includes only a few random cities from various states. However, with 200-some odd images to select, there is a bit of something for every style. As an added bonus, the images available in the in-app purchase packs can be viewed before buying so you know exactly what you’re getting.
As a gallery of wallpaper collections, Paper’d is unique and provides a different artistic style with a soft, subtle feel. There is no need to make additional purchases to use the app and it’s easy to change backgrounds. The included FAQ is informational and there are no annoying ads despite the fact that it’s free. When you sum it all up, Paper’d is a simple, but sophisticated collection of wallpaper images suitable for those with a simplistic, yet expressive style.