Ttursas Ltd.’s series of four different physics-based, shape-stacking puzzle games for iPhone, iPad and Touch began with Perfect Balance: Harmony and concluded with Lost Trials. These solitaire apps have now been consolidated into a single app with the appropriate title of Perfect Balance Collection. The fact that all four games can be downloaded in a single app may be a bit of a sting to anyone having downloaded (and paid for) each version individually, but anyone that missed one or all of the previous releases can now snag them all for the price of one.
Perfect Balance Collection is an astounding 340 levels, the majority of which have been featured in their respective individual versions of Perfect Balance (Harmony, Inferno, Paradise and Lost Trials). As far as what’s new, the collection includes two different bonus modes per level along with improved controls and enhanced graphics. It still features the same combination of relaxed but challenging premise of block-building balance and puzzle-solving skill.
Perfect Balance Collection combines all four games, which involve placing a given number of shapes into the playing field in a way that they all balance perfectly – or at least well enough to avoid tipping over and falling apart. Some levels are rather obvious while others require a bit of thought. Players touch and drag the shapes and place them in the desired location according to their determination of balance. The construction of the playing field is static, but player can place the blocks anywhere they like. A quick retry button is available to reset the level at any time.
The bonus modes include two rounds per level. The first mode features an additional nine blocks to attempt to stack to the completed puzzle and the second allows players to select a block for removal and see if they can cause the remaining pieces of their tower to tumble off screen. The bonus rounds are optional and can be skipped with the tap of the next level button.
The Perfect Balance Collection doesn’t really provide anything new for users with all of the previous versions, but for anyone who missed the games and enjoys a good physics-based tower building game, the collection packs the biggest punch of all previous versions and is a steal at .99. Whether you achieve perfect balance or just barely keep the blocks in check, Perfect Balance Collection is the fun of all previous versions rolled in to one.