Blend Photos and Artistic Genes and You Get Photogene

The App Store’s shelves are well stocked with photography and image-editing apps but few are as capable as Omer Shoor’s Photogene. You won’t confuse this app for the iPhone and iPod touch with Adobe Photoshop, but it’s a lot more fun.
Photogene enables you to manipulate an image in a variety of ways: You can sharpen, crop, correct color and temperature, rotate, flip and straighten tilted images. It also has several special effects: frames, word bubbles, sepia and heat map (like a thermal image) color.
Last, Photogene lets you view an image in portrait and landscape modes, move the image around and zoom in and out.
A menu of icons on the left takes you into most features. Options for some features, such as changing the font and color of word bubbles, appear in a menu at the bottom of the screen.
Photogene is a compact, yet slick, app with an amazing amount of functionality. It’s useful for basic image editing on the fly and it’s entertaining. I can easily see how Photogene would appeal to someone who often emails pictures to friends and who is witty or has a droll sense of humor.
There’s a lot of bang for the buck in this phtoto app.