PhotoHype – For those that enjoy taking pictures with their iPhone, producing the perfect picture can sometimes become quite the process. Having to email the picture to yourself in order to open it on your computers image-editing program. Then, getting to your computer to conduct the editing. PhotoHype iPhone app by Masaka Inc. turns your iPhone into your portable Photoshop.
Offering you the ability to make quick and easy adjustments to your photos PhotoHype iPhone app is loaded with options that help you improve your finished product. The ability to crop, rotate, adjust the contrast and brightness of your photos are but a few choices you have with PhotoHype.
Have an unsteady hand and your photos a little off line? No problem PhotoHype has a Straighten function. Your photo not sharp enough? Use the Enhance option.
With the PhotoHype iPhone app your ability to manipulate your photos are almost limitless. Using the Effects function you can create such effects as Sepia, Negative, and Vignette to name a few. When operating within the Adjust mode PhotoHype lets you alter your Exposure, Contrast, and Saturation.
One can really play around and create all sorts of effects, layers, and designs by manipulating your photos using an expensive photo editor on your computer. But many of the options that you would have using such an editor are also available using PhotoHype.
While PhotoHype can never compete with the fancy desktop editors, nor will the photo quality of your iPhone camera compete with that of an expensive digital SLR. But for what it is, a photo editor for your iPhone photos, PhotoHype is the real deal and gets the job done.
PhotoHype gives you the opportunity to take your iPhone photos to another level. For those that love taking photos and are looking for a way to step up the quality of those photos, or those that love to manipulate and explore their creative side get hyped with PhotoHype iPhone app for your iPhone.
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