Pig Rush — Way back in the dusty corners of my mind, I can almost recall the day my dad brought home this new game that could be played on T.V. It was Pong. But, like many in my generation, the games I really grew up with more colorful and advanced than Pong could ever hope to be. Games like Pac-Man, Kong and eventually Super Mario Bros. And today’s games are even more colorful and challenging than those.
Such is progress. Nevertheless (progress be damned!), sometimes I just want a unblemished, side-scrolling platform. Something that is fun to play, without all the bells, whistles or learning curve. Pig Rush is just that game.
Pig Rush has just one goal. Keeping going.
In Pig Rush your little piggy isn’t going to market, he’s jumping platforms. The game will keep your pig running to the right at all times. Your job is to help your pig jump (or fly) from platform to platform without falling off the edge or landing in the fire. As the game progresses, your pig will run faster, the fires come closer together and the platforms feel just a little bit farther apart.
It’s a simple set up and instantly addictive. Pig Rush is a one-more-game kind of app. Much like Swine Flu, the games are short which makes it easy to justify playing again — and again, and again.
Usually, I’m playing games while the roommate watches football, which means that I play a lot of games without sound. Boy was I missing out with Pig Rush. The soundtrack adds life to the game in a way that few audio tracks do. It’s a musical mash-up of Dick Dale and Santana set to a catchy drumbeat.
If bacon is meat candy (and it is), then Pig Rush is app candy. Delicious app candy.
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