Platypus, from Handmark, ranks among the best-looking side-scrolling shooting games to debut in the App Store. Heck, make that one of the best-looking games in the entire App Store.
It’s got great claymation-style, colorful graphics. When you shoot down an enemy aircraft, it splats instead of explodes.
Platypus is patterned after the classic arcade scroll shooter genre. Fly, shoot down bad guys and evade air-to-air missiles and other weapons that threaten to send you into a tail spin.
The premise of Platypus is that you must use your fighter plane to defend Mungola from the hordes of Collosatropolans. Shoot them down, collect fruit bonuses and power ups to boost your fire power.
There are 20 levels in all, spread across 4 different claymation worlds.
Platypus uses plays by touch or accelerometer, which is very responsive.