Is the man getting you down? Ever wished you could call the shots? Pocket God is here to fulfill your dreams. This new game from Bolt Creative allows you to be the god of a small island nation. And by “small” I mean small — only six pygmies to an island, folks.
More specifically, only six pygmies to an island at any given time, which makes sense, because there’s just not much space. (The island is also home to a palm tree and some sort of stone idol.) The good news is, users have a seemingly limitless supply of pygmies to bring on to the island, because Pocket God provides myriad ways to kill the little guys. After all, you’re a god, remember?
Of course, you don’t have to kill them. You can simply let them wander around the island, if you’d like. You can simply change day to night and watch them all go to sleep (push the sun down into the horizon and watch the moon pop up) and feed them coconuts (you have to drop them on a pygmy’s head to break them open), if that’s more your speed. You can also pull the sun down so it’s partially below the horizon, which turns the sky to a gorgeous, vibrant sunset and leaves your pygmies quite hilariously entranced (see screencap!).
However, the real fun of Pocket God is giving your pygmies a hard time. You can easily pick them up and levitate them, drop them from great heights, or throw them right in the water. Flick your finger at them from below to send them sailing off into the distance. (It’s the best when you get them into the volcano…see what happens when you toss a few pygmies in there.)
You can also tilt your iPhone to make your Pocket God pygmies slide, or even upend gravity entirely by turning the phone upside down, and watch them cling to the island for dear life. If you feel like a natural disaster is the way to go, you can even shake the iPhone and see how they survive an earthquake. Or if you prefer, slide the clouds in the sky to the side until you get storm clouds, then trace a path for lightning with a finger.
From checking out the Pocket Blog, it’s clear that there are other “secret” features and abilities I have yet to find, and many updates in store (it appears that the developers plan on weekly improvements), which should keep the geeky types happy. Also, the graphics for the game are really cute, which keeps people like me happy. I look forward to discovering more hidden features of Pocket God and seeing what future updates have in store.