While testing out a drawing app on the iPad recently, I was sadly reminded that oversized fingers are not the best tools for creating fine art details.
There are so many fantastic drawing apps for the iPad that I don’t want to be held back by my clumsy pointers.
Then I remembered the Pogo Stylus from Ten One Design. I reviewed it ages ago, and loved it from day one. Turns out they have updated the original touchscreen stylus for use with the iPad. The Pogo Sketch is designed for trackpads and touchscreens so it works great with the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and can also be used with the MacBook to emulate a pen tablet.
I could have purchased the Pogo Sketch online, but I was feeling a bit impatient, so one quick trip to the Apple store and I was in business.
Awesome. The Pogo Sketch is just the thing to let loose creatively on the iPad. The stylus glides across the iPad’s touchscreen for simple dragging, selecting and typing — useful for any app, but especially helpful for doodling, drawing, photo editing and other creative pursuits. An extra bonus? No fingerprints on the glass. Neatfreaks will love it, as using a stylus is a reliable way to keep the screen clear and smudge-free without resorting to ugly screen protectors. (Although the company says Pogo Sketch will work just fine with a screen protector for those who want added protection.)
Neatness aside, it’s the precision that makes Pogo Sketch a must-have tool for every doodle-loving iPad owner.
The drawing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch are cool, but the screen was limiting. True, there are geniuses among us, the gifted few who used their iPhone to create masterpieces of creativity. But, for the rest of us, artistic expression has been constrained by a tiny screen.
The iPad could give new life to digital self-expression. However, if you want to take advantage of all the tricks hidden in the iPad creativity apps, you need to get your hands on a Pogo Sketch.
Pogo Sketch will unlock the capabilities of all sorts of programs: drawing or sketching apps, photo editing apps, note takers or to-do apps, even games that need a bit more precision for the controls will benefit.
The Pogo Sketch no longer needs a storage clip to keep from getting lost. The updated stylus has a built-in pen clip perfect for hanging in your pocket protector or attaching to your Apple iPad Case. If you want to use the Pogo Sketch with your iPhone then order the Ten One clip pack to holster your stylus to a variety of cases — just like smart phone’s of yesteryear.
Buy the Pogo Sketch online or visit www.tenonedesign.com to find a store near you.
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