Pop – Remember when playing with bubbles was maybe the most awesome thing ever? No? Just me? Well, at any rate, you probably liked it a little, at least. And the good news is that Pop by Nnooo allows you to relive that excitement in a stylish, action-packed new way.
The object of Pop is incredibly simple — brilliantly-colored bubbles float onto screen, and you pop them with a tap. Of course, that in itself might not stay entertaining for long — unless you’re a kid. So, for the adults, there are special bonus bubbles and multipliers to help keep things interesting.
There are also bonus points added for creating chains by popping multiple bubbles of the same color in quick succession, and you can grab, shake and explode bubbles creating shock waves.
Pop has six main modes: Training (a brief but helpful tutorial mode), Normal (pop bubbles quickly to rack up points and add time to the clock), Advanced (a tougher version of Normal), Chill (no score or rules, just plenty of bright bubbles to pop), Timed (earn as high a score as possible within a set time limit) and Bonus (choose a favorite bonus round and play).
All the various modes help to make Pop a very versatile app, good for mindless time-wasting or high-speed action. The Chill mode could use a little expansion to make it more interesting, probably, but overall there’s definitely a Pop mode for every mood.
Also, Pop is a terrific-looking game. The graphics are fairly simple, but very attractive with vibrant color palettes, and the background music is very nice. The game senses whether music’s being played via the iPod, allowing users to listen to their own music instead, a feature which, judging from approximately every app review I’ve ever read on the iTunes store, should serve to be quite popular.