While I truly do not understand the fascination with sound effect apps, PopOff is yet another sound app with a name that implying its purpose — it’s a collection of random sounds you can “pop off.” Though I prefer to use my device for productivity, gaming, and music entertainment, I alone do not make up the entire populous of iPhone/iPod touch users and there are plenty of users who enjoy the ability to have random sound effects at their finger tips. In this case, you can have it for free.
PopOff displays nine pre-recorded sound effects on the screen at any given time, though there are more than that available. You can shake or tap refresh to receive a new menu of sounds. Sound bytes range from animal sounds to short one-liners.
PopOff’s big claim to fame is that users have the ability to use the iPhone’s built in microphone to record and name their own sounds, which is where most of the fun stems from. If pre-recorded sound effects like pigs and air horns don’t do it for you, you can make your own. Your recorded sound effects can also be set free for the listening pleasure of other PopOff users.
PopOff gives you the ability to play the prerecorded sound effects individually or create a symphony of sounds by tapping multiple selections or playing them all at one time. Some of the recordings are good, while others, like the squirrel, are a bit indistinct.
In comparison to paid sound apps, PopOff at least supplies a variety of sounds not limited to just animals or weird bathroom noises like toilet flushes and flatulence, but they are fairly limited in number. I’m not clear precisely how many sounds you get, but there are more than 20 at least. For iPod touch users with no microphone, the record feature is useless, limiting its intended creativity, but you can still utilize the pre-recorded sounds.
As with any free app, you have nothing to lose when downloading PopOff. Those who find value and entertainment in having portable sound bytes can enjoy a small variety of sounds with this app along with the ability to create custom sounds and because it is purportedly for kids, uploading inappropriate recordings is discouraged.
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