If you are looking for the best press release distribution services in Australia but somehow got confused between so many options, we got you covered. Press release distribution or PR management is about creating customer-friendly content and publishing them online to optimize your marketing/ branding strategy.

Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world, and businesses are constantly growing. So, the organizations must ensure that their clients can stay up-to-date with the new changes or new launches. And there is no better way to feed your clients all the information than partnering with the top PR distribution services in Australia.

A press release is not a new marketing strategy, as organizations have been doing it for decades.

So, what changed!

Well, before the evolution of the internet, or more precisely, online marketing, companies relied mostly on paper-based media. While the strategy is not extinct, if you want to reach out to the customers beyond your region or state, or country, you need to develop an online PR marketing strategy.

To ensure the success of your press release strategy, you need the experts.

But you know this already, don’t you!

What you don’t know is how to choose the best PR services in Australia – right!

So, here in this article, we will disclose the top 5 PR distribution services in Australia and will tell you what makes them best from the rest. That’s not all, as we will also share some ideas that will help you to steer your press release marketing strategy without any hiccups. So, read on.

(Important Note: We want to make it clear that $ = Australian Dollar/AUD)

Top 5 Press Release Distribution Services In Australia 2023: A Quick Outlook

What makes a PR agency great? How do they operate to expand your client reach? Well, in a nutshell, the best Press release distribution companies ensure that your content is not only getting wider outreach but also being picked up by different channels.

From that perspective, we have conducted thorough market research and found that the following PR services in Australia:

  1. Newsmaker
  2. Medianet
  3. PRwire
  4. Get The Word Out
  5. Accesswire
Press Release Distribution Service NameTop Features to look forPricing details

·   200+ News catalogues

·     Create one or more newsrooms

·     SEO optimized

·  General Price: $22/press release & $44/news category

·  Online SEO: $165/mo

·  PR Pro: $330/mo

·  Enterprise: $1100/mo ·  Check here


·      Enhanced media intelligence tool

·       Bi-weekly newsletter

·       Personalized feedback

·         Not Provided. Check here

·  Completely free to use

·  Publish as many press releases as you like

Get The Word Out

·      86 Interest Categories of news media

·    Wider Outreach

·    Auto Optimization

·   Simple Subscription Plans

· Single Press Release: $197/PR

·   Monthly Subscription Plan 1: $300 (5 PR/mo)

·  Monthly Subscription Plan 2: $750 (15PR/mo)

·      Industry-leading Press Release Distribution
·    Press Release Optimizer
·    Connect better with IR Websites
·   Connect with confidence with Webcast Solutions

· Online Distribution Only – $175

·   Budget – $415

·  National – $775 & Premium – $1,095


In our next segment, we will take a detailed look at all those PR agencies. It will help you to distinguish the best Press Release Distribution in Australia according to your needs.

Let’s do it then.

1. Newsmaker: Australian Press Release Distribution & PR Wire service

Official Website: https://www.newsmaker.com.au/  

Newsmaker Best Press Release Distribution Services In Australia

Newsmaker is a press release distribution service in Australia with 100+ active clients that share your story with journalists, bloggers, clients, and stakeholders. Though primarily based in Australia (Highgate, SA), Newsmaker is also active in New Zealand.

Apart from PR services, Newsmaker is specialized in offering the following services:

  • Online Newsrooms
  • Press Release template
  • Viral Marketing
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Pitching to Journalists

Newsmaker offers fast and simplified social media & press newsroom solutions for any organization or individual connected to public relations and marketing. With Newsmaker on your side, you can focus on effective messaging and creative strategy. They will look after publishing the press releases, case studies, and media alerts.

Newsmaker will manage all your media contacts and will publish and distribute the updated press releases throughout the internet. Later on, they will provide you with the outcomes through a graphical dashboard.

Newsmaker offers you to choose from their comprehensive and updated media dashboard with 200+ news categories. You can create one or more newsrooms with an RSS feed, which will be easier to share.

However, Newsmaker refrains itself from publishing press releases from the flowing categories:

  • Adult content
  • Gambling
  • “Become rich quickly” schemes
  • Press releases with unverified sources

You don’t need to pay any extensive fees to join Newsmaker other than their paid plans, which are $22/ press release and $44/news category. Apart from that, Newsmaker offers monthly plans, like Enterprise plan ($1100/mo), Online SEO plan ($165/mo), PR Pro plan ($330/mo).

All the monthly plans include the following:

  • Online publishing
  • SEO
  • Embedded Images
  • PDFs
  • On-page analytics report

2. Medianet Press Release Distribution Services

Official Website: https://www.medianet.com.au/  

Medianet Press Release Distribution Services In Australia

For more than 30 years, Medianet is offering PR services that can turn your stories into headlines. Medianet helps you to find the right media contacts to streamline your PR and customer outreach strategy.

Medianet media planning tools are designed to keep you updated with the news cycle. For example, if you plan to launch a new product or service, you would want to get full coverage.

If you set a launch date randomly, they might clash with other events going around the state or country, which will soil your press release strategy. That is why, Medianet offers “Media Weekly”, a bi-weekly newsletter, keeping you updated with the current media changes and media’s agenda. Medianet Press Release Distribution Services will provide you with the week’s most important highlights to tailor your strategy.

As Medianet is connected with so many journalists across Australia (and New Zealand), the chances of making the headline will only increase.

Medianet also offers an enhanced media intelligence tool that will help you to track your published content from the beginning to the end (means forever). Medianet will share your Content with their large pool of journalists who will provide you with their unbiased assessment. This sort of constructive criticism will help you develop the best-summarized version of your content filled with all the necessary info and power writing to connect with the audience.

Apart from that, Medianet will offer you personalized feedback and rating (for all the press releases), which will help you to scrutinize the strengths and weaknesses of the content.

Medianet has kept its pricing details on a “need-to-know” basis. You will get to choose from 3 different plans, which are –

  • Standard Plan/ Media Contact Database Plan (Lower Monthly Cost)
  • Plus Plan/Media Contacts Database PLUS (Save as much as 20%)
  • Platinum Plan/ Database + Distribution (Customized according to your needs)

However, if you want to learn more about their pricing details, you may call them at 1300-616-813 or send them an email at [email protected]

3. PRWire Press Release Distribution Services

Official Website: https://prwire.com.au/  

PRWire Press Release Distribution Services In Australia

PRWire provides you with a platform to make media releases and announcements to get a wider outreach. But the best part is that PRWire is completely free. Yes, this PR distribution service allows the businesses or individuals of Australia and New Zealand to publish their content without any charges.

PRWire is well optimized for Google and other search engines and RSS syndication. PRWire is basically administered by Media Connect Australia, which is known for connecting journalists with your PR online.

To get the services, all you have to do is to go to their website and register. After the registration form is submitted, PRWire will approve this, and from there on, you can publish press releases for free.

Nothing less than a “heaven on earth” situation for small businesses or sole entrepreneurs, PRWire allows you to create a personalized RSS feed according to your niche.

As mentioned above, PRWire is well optimized for search engines, the interested clients to take a glimpse at your products and services. This will not only increase your customer outreach but will also establish you as a reliable online retailer or service provider.

As PRWire is offering free Press release distribution services, they have the right not to publish or delete any releases if it overlaps their standard.

PRWire offers 4 account types, which are:

  • PRWire Reader Account (For readers who like to keep themselves updated with the latest releases)
  • PRWire Journalist/Blogger Account (For those who needs information to create blogs or articles)
  • PR agency (For other PR agencies that wants to post releases from several organizations)
  • PRWire Business Account (For companies that want to publish their press release)

4. Get The Word Out Press Release Distribution Service

Official Website: https://getthewordout.com.au/  

Get The Word Out Best Press Release Distribution Services In Australia

Get The Word Out is a targeted PR distribution service where you get 86 categories for media releases. So, in a way, Get The Word Out offers you to share your press release with journalists with a common interest.

Get The Word Out offers auto-optimization, so you will not have to do anything to get the highest rankings.

Get The Word Out is connected to a large pool of journalists, media presenters, and social media influencers – everything you need to get your word out and be known. Get The Word Out is also well-connected to Television, radio, online and offline news media, and social media.

So, connecting with getting The Word Out will ensure that your press release reaches the right people, meaning fewer bounces.

Get The Word Out’s easy and efficient interface allows you to simply paste content so the journalists can review and restructure it. Apart from texts, you may also include images or logos and YouTube links. You may also upload a PDF version of your press release, defining how you want the news to be published.

After reviewing or restructuring your press release, Get The Word Out will share it with you for proofreading. If you find any mistakes, you can get in touch with getting The Word Out and change it.

Get The Word Out offer 3 paid plans, which are:

  • Single Press Release: $197/Press Release
  • 30-Day Subscription Plan 1: $300/mo (Send 5 press releases/ mo)
  • 30-Day Subscription Plan 2: $750/mo (Send 15 press releases/mo)

After 30 days, the Get The Word Out monthly plan will renew automatically. But, if you don’t wish to continue, you may cancel anytime, and on the expiry date, your renewal will be ceased.

5. ACCESSWIRE Press Release Distribution Services

ACCESSWIRE Press Release Distribution Services

Accesswire is a great press release distribution service that Amplifies your news, your brand, and your voice with its services.  Using the ACCESSWIRE PRO, you can 5x your views, media pickups, and social presence with their custom optimizer plans.

You can Build investor confidence with their customized, ADA-compliant and easily editable IR sites. Hosting thousands of IR sites, Accesswire has helped the IR community provide a seamless experience for their investors and shareholders.

Key services offered by Accesswire include:

  • Global Press Release Distribution: Accesswire distributes press releases to a media database of over 300,000 journalists, writers, bloggers, and news outlets across North America, Europe, and APAC regions. This ensures guaranteed views and expanded reach.
  • Multimedia Content Distribution: In addition to text, Accesswire allows the distribution of multimedia content like images, videos, and infographics, along with releases across websites, social media, and syndication channels.
  • Dedicated Account Management: Accesswire provides dedicated account managers who offer strategic advice on timing, optimization of releases, targeting relevant journalists, etc., to maximize visibility.
  • Real-Time Analytics: The platform provides real-time analytics on release performance, like views, clicks, shares, interests shown by media, etc., helping track ROI.

In summary, Accesswire helps businesses and organizations gain the visibility they seek by disseminating releases and multimedia content worldwide. Their tech-enabled platform and expert guidance ensure maximum reach and engagement for every release distributed through Accesswire.

3 Press Release Mistakes That Can Jeopardize Your Marketing/Brand Awareness Strategy

Press Release Mistakes

If you are adding Press Release as your marketing strategy, you need to do it right. Your press releases may seem quite appealing to you, but the readers may judge that differently.

So, when you are writing press releases, ensure NOT to make the following mistakes:

  • Lack Of Information

Of course, you would want to keep your press releases short (within 1000 words), but that doesn’t mean they should lack the most important info. If your press releases sound like lectures, they will be dashed. If they lack info, they will be dashed. So, if you want your press release to be a success, add all the new info that will keep the reader engaged.

  • Not Focusing On The Inverted Pyramid Style

You have something new for your clients to read, but you don’t know how to present it to them.

That is why you need to follow the inverted pyramid style, which goes like this:

  • The most important/ new data goes on top.
  • Less important or repetitive info goes in the middle
  • The least important info should be placed at last

  • Not Making Any Changes

Don’t just stick to the same writing style with your PR content. Follow the “inverted pyramid” design, but make changes to the writing style or layout. This will make your readers feel that they are getting new information with every press release.


Even in this new age of technology, press release, if channelled properly, can become a great marketing tool. And the above-mentioned press release distribution services in Australia can help you achieve that.

Choosing the best PR services is the first and most important step to place your PR marketing strategy righteously. If you don’t know how to choose the best PR distribution services, your press releases will not get picked up, and you will lose money.

But, if you are a savvy Australian businessman or entrepreneur, you must get in touch with one of these PR distribution services to make your local products/services national or even global.

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