Are you in search of the best press release distributions services in India? Check out the detailed list for the best free and paid press release distribution services in India. Press release distribution offers an assortment of services to make marketing easier and more effective, and it is inexpensive. When companies come up with their latest developments, they develop an official press release to target a larger audience.

Now, most people may think that press release is old and outdated in India, “a thing in the past” – but they are wrong. PR is very much alive, and even at the age of new media, press release strategy can be customized to provide valuable publicity to deliver your fresh ideas to a larger Indian audience.

Even if you don’t have any touching stories, you surely have the ideas that can give you coverage in journals, magazines, blogs, and other sorts of publications linked to your business line.

But to make sure that your PR is reaching the target audience, you need to team up with the best press release distribution services in India.

So, it is about attracting more traffic to your website and building a greater audience base, or you just need to attract potential clients. Whatever it is, you would never want to hire a press release service that lacks credibility to add any true value to your PR strategy.

We have listed the top 5 PR distribution services in India that you can trust.

They are,

  1. Business Wire India
  2. NewsWire
  4. PRNewswire India
  5. Easy Press Wire

No, that is not it as here in this article, we will thoroughly discuss these PR distribution services and the overall pros and cons, so you can never get astray from your marketing objectives.

Best Press Release (PR) Distribution Services For The Indian Market: A Brief Overview

When you make a PR strategy for your business, the two most important things are – Quality and Analysis.

There are several hundreds of distribution services available in India that may offer you more reach at a discounted price. But when it comes to creating engaging content that will assure your clients – a sense of reliability, most press release services will fall short (but not the 5 we have mentioned).

NameBest featuresPricingWebsite Link
Business Wire India· Easier to understand and explain
· Targeted Press Release
· Investor relations
· Measurement and Analytics
Check the company website hereVisit Here
· Targeted Press Release
· Multi-layer targeting
· Two-tier quality check
· Influencer tracking
Check the company website hereVisit Here
PRIndiaWire· Lowest Price
· The highest number of media pickups
· Widest Coverage
Basic Plan: $89 (300+ media outlets)Core Plan: $159 (400+ media outlets)
Max Plan : $299 (600+ media outlets)
Check Here
Visit Here
PRNewsWire India· The journalists and media outlets will come to you
· Social media boost
· Search Engine Traffic
·  Feature on several partner websites
Pricing goes from $89-$389 for one Press Release. Check HereVisit Here
Easy Press Wire· Free Plan Available
· Supports Hindi and English
· Affordable Paid Plans
Free Plan: No ChargesPaid Plan 1: $40 (feature in 25+ partner website)
Paid Plan 2: $60 (Feature in 45+ partner websites)
Check Here
Visit Here

The above-mentioned press release services will offer you tools to analyze your reach and the overall success of your PR campaign. Apart from the visibility numbers, you will get a more inward view of the client’s reactions to the published journal, article, or blog.

So, without any further ado, let’s discuss (in brief) the top 5 press release distribution services in India in the following segment.

1. Business Wire India: Easy And Effective News Distribution And Reporting


With more than 9000 media journalists and 1500 media outlets in India, Business Wire India is one of the PR agencies – known for its commitment and in-depth knowledge about the Indian market.

Business Wire India does not charge any membership fees, so if you want to use their services, just visit their official website and follow the registration procedure.

Dependent on your PR strategy, Business Wire India takes your new ideas to the most notable Indian new agencies (both online and print media) as well as all the publications that are linked to your industry.

Business Wire India can help you reach any Indian city, state, or region based on your marketing strategy. Their International distribution is done with Berkshire Hathaway Company, meaning it has the approval of Warren Buffet – one of the most influential investors in the world today.

Apart from that, they offer press release writing services where you can hire the help of specialist content writers and editors to target your press release at any geographic location in India and abroad.

Besides, if you come across any stumbling block, their customer support will help you troubleshoot that issue and publish your PR without hiccups.

2. Newswire: The Best Way To Streamline Your Press Release And Distribution in India


If your business or startup is linked to entertainment, sports, Movies, or the IT sector, Newswire can share your story across different channels to get the best out of your PR marketing strategy. With Newswire, all you have to do is to submit your press release through a form, and they will publish that on their homepage, making your business more reliable and known across different sectors.

With additional distribution features, Newswire has streamlined the process of press release submission. Unlike Business Wire India, Newswire does not offer editing or proofreading in its basic plan. But, they have made it much easier to track and analyze your press release.

Newswire offers all of its Software as a service or SaaS where you can use the analytical tools. These tools will help you view your customer outreach and show your press release’s engagement according to the location. This will greatly help you to learn if you’re reaching your target audience in a specific region or not. At their member panel, they offer Google Analytics integration to collect any additional data. Apart from all these, if you wish to integrate add-ons, like images, logos, or video, as a part of your PR strategy, you can do that for an additional fee.

In a nutshell, Newswire offer anything and everything you need to establish, operate and manage their SaaS software while offering timely press release distribution, media tracking, and analysis reports.

3. PRIndiaWire.Com: Greater Media Placement At An Affordable Pricing


PRIndiaWire is a Gurgaon-based company that offers the maximum number of media pickups at a much lower cost, making it a Mecca for small businesses and startups in India.

At the basic plan (BASE $89), PRIndiaWire ensures publication of press release in over 300 online media outlets, which increases to 600 with MAX Plan ($299), which spans all over India, Asia, and even the United States and 400 with their Core Plan ($159).

Most PR agencies in India will charge you an additional fee for extra words. But, the best part is that PRIndiaWire does not have any “Word Limit” policy. This means that even if you wish to publish bigger press releases, for example, 3000-4000 words, they won’t charge you anything extra.

PRIndiaWire also offers add-ons, like adding images or YouTube video links – all included in the package.

So, if you are a startup, artist, or solo-business man looking for an affordable PR distribution in India with the ensured maximum number of pickups and the widest coverage, PRIndiaWire is your place.

4. PRNewswire India: Best For Check Up On Your Metrics


With over 65 years of experience, PRNewswire India, or CISION, is one of the world’s largest and most reliable PR distribution networks aims to ensure that your PR gets the reach and coverage it deserves.

Cision offers you to write an attractive press release and wait for the top journalists and publications to come to you. But the best part is that within India, PRNewswire has managed to build strong relationships with journalists and social media influencers across different industries and verticals.

PRNewswire or Cision offers organizations the skill and platform to create multimedia press releases. It also offers an SEO-optimized microsite where your Press release will be displayed. From thereon, any journalist or content writer can transform your “notes” into a compelling story or article.

Surely, such convenience isn’t available at a cheaper price. For one press release, the price starts from $99, which can go up to $389 if you wish to feature on their partner websites to give your PR more exposure and boost.

But don’t let that discourage you, as by paying a little extra price, you will get to feature your press release on different sites. So, this will increase your audience base as well as improve your Search Engine performance, meaning a greater ROI.

You can regularly analyze how your press release is doing on different sites, which will enable you to hone your future marketing strategy.

5. Easy Press Wire: Display Your PR On Different Indian Websites At An Affordable Rate


Based in Jaipur, this PR Company offers two primary packages – Paid and Unpaid.

If you’re new and want to learn more about PR strategy or PR writing, you may choose the free plan and post your Press release on Easy Press Wire’s homepage.

But, if you are a pro or you have a marketing strategy in place and wish to feature on 25+ websites directly linked to your industry, you may choose the paid plan, starting with $40 (Standard Plan).

If you want the number of websites to go up to 45 and beyond, you may upgrade to the $60 plan (Premium Plan). This is not all. If you choose to go with the Premium package, you will get additional social media posting of your PR, with added features like SEO optimization and coverage of the top-of-the-list social media influencers.

You might be wondering why they have such a cheaper plan than their competitors. Well, you can see that other PR agencies are offering 300-600 partner websites for your press release distribution, Easy Press Wire is only offering 65-70 at the top.

But, as it is also offering the Free Plan (unlike others), you may go to their website, spend some time learning and posting your press releases before opting to pay for them.

Press Release Distribution India: Pros & Cons

We know that you want to put your PR strategy in place as soon as possible, and why shouldn’t you!

Press release distribution has several advantages that can help you deliver the message to a larger client base, empowering your online and offline media presence.

But, this would only be considered as a “half-knowledge” unless you learn about the CONS of PR distribution as well.

So, let’s give you a quick yet broader understanding of PR distribution Pros and Cons.

PR Distribution India: Pros

  • Any business can benefit from PR distribution
  • It’s a fairly inexpensive marketing strategy
  • It helps to boost your organization’s visibility
  • PR can make you look like an industry expert
  • You can reach a much larger audience – even outside India
  • Investors like to stay updated through the press releases

PR Distribution India: Cons

  • PR distribution could be costly if you can’t choose the right plan for your business.
  • There are chances that your PR may fall on deaf ears or people who may never read your press releases.
  • The internet is flooded with media posts, so your posts may surface for a while and then disappear.

How To Choose The Right PR Distribution Services In India For Your Business?

So, if you only want to enjoy the Pros and eliminate the Cons, you need to know how to choose a press release distribution service in India.

A reliable PR agency in India will –

  • Ask you questions regarding your business plan and your optimum business goals.
  • Capable of providing everything you’re hoping for
  • Offer your different packages based on your needs and financial capability (just like the 5 we have mentioned)


So, that’s about it – everything you need to start or optimize your PR strategy with the top Press release distribution services in India. At this point, you must have got the idea that gaining broad exposure isn’t like strolling in the park but need serious dedication and time.

Connecting with any of the top 5 PR agencies listed above, Indian entrepreneurs and marketers can generate greater momentum for domestic and foreign marketing policies. The best part is that all these Press release agencies know all the nooks and crannies of the Indian market, guaranteeing that your press release goes to the right journalists and media outlets in India.

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