Looking for the best Press Release distribution services in The Uk for 2021? With the best press release distribution service, you can create a presence amongst industry-leading experts by increasing your press’s visibility and driving heavy traffic towards your website or business.

Below we break down services, pricing, additional features, and tools pertinent for running a successful PR campaign across relevant, targeted audiences.  After an in-depth evaluation of multiple services, we handpicked 5 distributors who are ideal for any budget.

From journalists to influencers and social media, the 5 Press Release distribution services mentioned below are trusted by thousands of businesses for the effective dissemination of information. Whether you provide information or release an official statement, these distributors are renowned for their effective results and coverage. That’s all from now, read more and at the end, you will have a firm understanding of which service is right for you.

Best-Press-Release-Distribution-Services-In-The-Uk-For-2021 Best-Press-Release-Distribution-Services Best-Press-Release-Distribution-Services-In-Uk Best-Press-Release-Distribution-Services-2021-1024x335 Best-Press-Release-Distribution-Services-In-Uk-For-2021
Precise and target distribution Perfect for distributing PR content, videos, photos and infographics Superfast distribution of your content Perfect for small businesses with a limited budget Largest distribution database
1.4 million industry-leading contacts Distribution starts in 4 working hours 24/7 customer support​ Powered by Journalists Press release distribution in 170 countries
Get your press release translated Archive of 750,000 images Include business journal sites Affordable press release tools 180 apps to create mobile visibility
Copywriting available Writing or sub-editing available Editorial support and feedback are available Distribution analytics available IR solutions available

1. Pressat- (https://pressat.co.uk/)

Best for precise distribution of press release to your relevant target audience
For a fixed budget-friendly price, distribute your press release across the United Kingdom without any hassle. By accurate dissemination of press releases on various media outlets and channels, Pressat is skilled at achieving press coverage.

The agency uses a combination of traditional and new media to help distribute your message effectively. SEO-friendly press releases, great contacts, plus a wide range of methods and techniques to spread information makes Pressat one of the leading news distribution services in the UK.

What Pressat Offers:

A huge database of media profiles: With over 1.4 million industry-leading contacts ranging from journalists to editors, simply identify your target audience, and Pressat will run a triumphant PR campaign.

Targeted distribution: May it be a specific beat, location, industry or channel, Pressat’s field-tested methods and techniques will accurately distribute your news.

Translate press release: With more than 33 languages available, your press release will be translated by accredited linguists to reach a broader audience. With a delivery time of under five hours, spread your press release or general announcement quickly and efficiently.

Copywriting: Save time and let Pressat write your press release in a professional manner. After intense brainstorming, the PCA & SFEP approved copywriters at Pressat draft noticeable press releases which are according to your requirements.

Pricing:  (https://pressat.co.uk/packages/)
Monthly: For £290 / per month, send up to 5 press releases across multiple Newsrooms.
PAYG: For £110 / per submission, send a single press release to 1 Newsroom.
Annual: For £1,499 / per submission, send up to 18 press releases to 1 Newsroom.

Apart from a few features and pricing, all the plans also offer

  • The targeted and precise distribution
  • Effective syndication
  • Distribution across social media
  • 33,000 media subscribers
  • Search engine optimization
  • Press release analytics

2. PR Fire: (https://www.prfire.com/)

For distributing any form of content
PR Fire is well-known for cohesively bringing SEO expertise, social media prowess and journalistic skills to spread your press release to your desired target audience and location. Get best-in-house journalists and social media experts well-versed with all the steps needed to ensure an effective PR campaign.

You may choose to just pay £50 for the basic plan and add other services you like for some extra price. From traditional press releases to videos, infographics and events, PR Fire spreads all types of content successfully across your selected category.

What PR Fire Offers: 

  • An eclectic target audience for distribution, including food to sports and property experts
  • Ability to expand your press release coverage by selecting additional categories
  • Writing or sub-editing your content
  • Pick photos from an archive of 750,000 images
  • Distribution starts within 4 working hours as the content is received
  • After 2 weeks, get a report analysis and check the successful results

Pricing: ( https://dashboard.prfire.com/press_releases/build/plan )

Basic Plan: Available for £50+VAT

  • Select your journalists and distribute your press release in the UK or US.
  • Published on NewsAnyway
  • Distributed to renowned sites such as Dow Jones, Reuters and more
  • Published across social media platforms
  • Get a full analysis report in five days.

Plus Plan: Available for £50+VAT

  • Includes everything in the basic plan
  • Published on Market Watch
  • If required, our editorial team will rewrite your press release
  • Spread to specific journalists in the UK or US

Premium Plan: Available for £150+VAT

  • Includes everything in the plus plan
  • Consultation and writing your press release by our editorial team

3. PR Web : (https://service.prweb.com/home/)

To expeditiously boost online awareness of your press release.
With over 20 years of experience, PRWeb has constantly been delivering press releases effectively of numerous companies and driving surplus traffic to their website. A trustworthy and affordable service to create a digital footprint, PRWeb quickly distributes your content across numerous platforms, including media websites, blogs, social media and search engines, to increase coverage as soon as possible. Find targeted journalists and bloggers without any hassle and

What PRWeb Offers:

  • Get editorial support and feedback for your ​press release
  • Proofreading your press release and ensuring they adhere to the market standards
  • 24/7 customer support​
  • Detailed examination of the effect of your ​press releases so that you can augment your strategy in the future.
  • Connected with numerous Business Journal sites

Pricing: (https://service.prweb.com/pricing/?nav_location=main_menu)

Basic: Available for $99 per news release

  • Perfect to start making your story recognized by industry-leading experts
  • Permanent hosting on PRWeb.com
  • Increased visibility across Google, Yahoo and other search engines

Standard: Available for $189 per news release

  • Perfect for driving more traffic to your story
  • Syndicating your content across hundreds of media partner websites
  • Permanent hosting on PRWeb.com
  • Increased visibility across Google, Yahoo and other search engines

Advanced:  Available for $189 per news release

  • Best plan to catch the media’s attention
  • Emailing your content directly to industry-leading influencers
  • Syndicating your story across hundreds of partner websites
  • Permanent hosting on PRWeb.com
  • Increased visibility across Google, Yahoo and other search engines

Premium: Available for $389 per news release

  • Best for the fastest online awareness of your story
  • Story published on Twitter feeds to blogging networks
  • Everything mentioned in the advanced plan

4. Pr NewsWire Uk ( https://www.prnewswire.co.uk/)

One of the largest content distribution networks with the most effective coverage
Unlike its counterpart PRWeb, PR Newswire is different in pricing, products and services. It is perfect for catching the attention of relevant influencers across a vast network of media outlets, websites, and social media channels. PR Newswire’s award-winning solutions are great for achieving your strategic goals of a successful PR campaign.

PR Newswire swiftly distributes traditional press releases and multimedia such as videos, photos, etc., and managing your campaign to check their reach and progress has never been easier. With on-time and direct delivery, connections with industry-leading experts, budget-friendly pricing and great syndication make PR Newswire one of the leading press release distributors.

What Pr NewsWire Uk Offers:

Distribution Of Content:

  • Online syndication to captivate new audiences
  • Targeting by culture, demographic, industry & sector
  • Distribution in 170 countries
  • Increased mobile visibility with 180 apps in our network

Multimedia Services

  • Field-tested and proven to enhance images views by 1.4X and videos by 2.8X
  • Database of up to 2000 sites
  • Reach a national audience with traditional and modern media distribution
  • Get viewership in social channels

IR Solutions

  • Perfect for building shareholder’s interest and trust
  • Fast and secure delivery across financial portals and systems
  • Connected with over 22000 financial institutions globally

Prices vary according to your press release requirements. Create an account on the Pr NewsWire website, fill in the information and get a quote today.

5. Briefly App: (https://briefly.app/)

Best Press Release Distributor For Small Businesses
Powered by journalists, Briefly is a flexible and powerful Press Release distributor available at affordable prices. As you submit your brief and within hours or a few days, the journalists will submit you the press release for approval.
After your consent, the press release is distributed across relevant channels in the database ranging from national newspapers to regional radios. With Pay-as-you-go pricing and highly skilled journalists, this budget-friendly tool is perfect for small businesses wanting to establish their presence in the Industry.
What Briefly Offers:

  • Easy 2-way communication with journalists for a successful campaign.
  • Analysis of the distribution for augmenting your future strategy
  • Essential tools such as press release distribution and writing
  • Point of contact at Briefly for customer support
  • Personalized email for press enquiries

Pricing : (https://briefly.app/pricing)

PR Packages:
Basic: Available for £199

  • Press Release writing and distribution
  • Approved by editor
  • Basic analytics of the progress

Professional: Available for £299

  • Press Release writing and distribution
  • Journalist briefing
  • Approved by editor
  • Relations with media
  • Basic analytics of the progress and coverage reports

The Essentials – Requires premium subscription of £17.99/month
Press Release Distribution £99

  • Approved by editor
  • Basic analytics

Press Release Writing £129

  • Writing press release
  • Journalist briefing
  • Approved by editor


Want the best Press Release distribution service in The Uk for 2021? With multiple options available, the service which you select should be according to your budget and distribution needs. For precise dissemination, thousands of people opt for Pressat, which has over 1 million contacts.

If your press release contains content along with videos or infographics, then PR Fire is the ideal choice for you. Cision PRWeb is one of the fastest press release distributors, and Cision PR newswire is one of the most influential distributors with an abundance of leading experts. For small businesses, Briefly is perfect for its budget-friendly options.

Finally, no matter which service provider you choose, all of them are capable enough to create a victorious traditional or new media recognition.

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