Public Radio Tuner – I love public radio. When I drove all over New York State for one of my jobs, I got addicted. Hearing Nina Totenberg’s voice come over the airwaves made me feel like I was in the room with a good friend and not 200 miles from home. Now that I downloaded the Public Radio Tuner app onto my iPhone, I can listen to public radio anywhere, anytime.
The first thing I did with Public Radio Tuner was to find my local stations by allowing the app to use my current location. Then I scanned the list of over 200 stations (organized by state) and tuned into public radio in Alaska, Hawaii, Arkansas and Idaho. You can search by the station name or city, too. The quality of the streaming is excellent. All of the stations came in clearly with no pauses. Public Radio Tuner works better than streaming individual radio stations on my computer, and definitely better than my car radio since I live in the hills.
Be smart and know this before you download: Public Radio Tuner is public radio. That means you will be listening to non-commercial radio that consists mainly of news, talk shows, jazz, classical and folk music; you know, the stuff you used to make fun of your parents for listening to. If you have not heard of All Things Considered, Terry Gross or Ira Glass, you may not want to download this app. Most public radio stations will not be playing pop music, hip-hop or rock. If that is what you are looking for, try AOL Radio or Tuner Internet Radio.
American Public Media has done a great service to radio listeners by giving us Public Radio Tuner. I wish that I could listen to its stations when I am using other apps but such are the limits of the iPhone. I would also like to be able to search by show, so I can know what is playing before I click on a faraway station, though I always have my podcasts if I need my fix of This American Life or Fresh Air. For public radio lovers everywhere, the Public Radio Tuner is a perfect companion.