Pudgy Penguins is an NFT project that uses the ERC-721 token standard and contains premium-quality and colourful portraits of Penguins. The price of a single NFT has reached more than 50 times the original minting price, and the community has also grown exponentially. 

In today’s topic, we will be providing a complete review of the Pudgy Penguins NFTs along with the sales, price prediction, and much more. 

Outline Of Pudgy Penguins NFTs


Pudgy Penguins NFTs 8,888
Owners 4,700
Pudgy Penguins 30 Day Avg. Price 1.2681 ETH
30 Day Volume Traded 3,289.4202 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 11th Jan 2021)

What Are Penguins Doing On The Ethereum Blockchain?

Pudgy Penguins is a collection of 8,888 NFTs generated randomly by combining 150 hand-drawn traits such as background, body, face, and head. The collection has a vast following with more than 50K users on Pudgy Penguins Twitter and 19,000 Members on the Discord channel. Also, there are 5 Pudgy Penguins that are the rarest of the lot and do not have any randomly generated traits.

Highlights Of Pudgy Penguins NFTs Roadmap

Pudgy Penguins NFT Price Prediction
Source: Pudgypenguins.io

A month after the official release, Pudgy Penguins NFTs were featured in NYT and even showcased on news networks including CNBC and Bloomberg. Even Steph Curry, the pro-NBA player, purchased a Pudgy Penguin NFT.

In the same month, Pudgy Presents was launched that can be claimed for free, excluding the gas fee, by Pudgy Penguin holders per NFT. Moreover, these presents were handcrafted and not revealed instantly but were available on Christmas. Also, in September 2021, the 24/7 live Youtube radio of Pudgy Penguins was launched that plays music along with winter animations.

What Are LIL Pudgys?

Generated from 400 traits, Lil Pudgys is a separate collection of 22,222 NFTs launched after Pudgy Penguins. All Pudgy Penguins NFT holders can claim one LIL Pudgys per NFT for free, and the remaining are available to the public for minting. 

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Pudgy Penguins NFT: Launch Date & Mint Price & Trading Volume. 

Pudgy Penguins NFTs
Source: Pudgypenguins.io

Pudgy Penguins NFT mint price was 0.03 ETH, and the collection was released altogether on July 22, 2021, at 4 P.M. EST. Within 20 minutes, all the NFTs were sold out and are now available on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. Moreover, an additional collection called Lil Pudgy, was launched on December 19th, 2021, for NFT holders and the public. 

[ Note: All the price conversions ETH to USD are based upon 8th Jan 2022. ]

As per the official website, the Floor price of Pudgy Penguins NFTs is 2 ETH ( $6428.96). Moreover, according to OpenSea, the Pudgy Penguins NFT floor price is 2.5 ETH and reaches up to 10 ETH. ( $32144.80). 

Trading Volume: According to the official website, the total Pudgy Penguins NFTs trading volume is 45,789 ETH ($ 147,187,824). 

As per the NFT stats website, Pudgy Penguins NFTs last 7-day trading volume ( 1st Jan – 8th Jan 2022) was an impressive $9.13M with 1840 NFTs traded along with an average price of $5k. Furthermore, the top and the lowest 10 per cent NFTs were sold for $7.3k or higher and $2650 or less, respectively. Also, at the same time, about half of Pudgy Penguins were sold for $4460 and less. Currently, Pudgy Penguin#77 is the highest-selling NFT that was purchased for $30K.

Pudgy Penguins NFT Price Prediction

The all-time sale on the official Pudgy Penguins NFT OpenSea page proves that the NFTs may have had a slow start but quickly gained momentum within just 2 months of their release. Also, in October 2021, the average price of an NFT reached all the way up to 5.6 ETH, which is far more than several NFT projects on a secondary marketplace. With more than 46.3k ETH volume traded in just over 6 months, the collection is currently one of the most lucrative projects.

Moreover, with the introduction of Lil Pudgy’s and Pudgy Presents, the price of the original NFTs again witnessed a sudden rise. Overall, the NFTs are worth getting for trading or collecting alike, and with more updates coming in 2022, the demand for Pudgy Penguins will also increase.  

Pudgy Penguins How To Buy: Get Your Hands On Cute Chubby Penguins!

The original Pudgy Penguins are sold out and available on OpenSea in exchange for ETH and WETH. Moreover, Lil Pudgys plus Pudgy Presents can also be purchased from the OpenSea marketplace.

Currently, the current price range of Pudgy Presents on OpenSea varies between 0.03 WETH to 1 ETH and more. Also, you will need a crypto wallet like Metamask and a minimum of 2.0 ETH, excluding the gas fee, to get a Pudgy Penguin NFT. 

Pudgy Penguins NFTs: Bankable Or Not?

Pudgy Penguins is among the top NFT collections that have crossed the 100 million trading milestones in the shortest time. The community is huge and regularly gets exciting giveaways plus rewards for active engagement. Getting the NFT now and holding it can help yield greater profits when the Metaverse and future updates get fully integrated with the project. Overall, these high-quality Pudgy Penguins are a perfect option for collectors and traders looking to add a rare and already well-established NFT project for storing or trading alike.

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