For the photographer that enjoys the toy camera genre the Quad Camera — Multi Shot Cam by Takayuki Fukatsu is a fun iPhone photography app. This is the 4th release in their series of toy camera apps, based on such toy cameras as the Lomo and Holga. The Quad Camera offers a good time.
Simplicity is the key to Quad Camera. All you need to do is line up your subject and press the button. Depending on your setting, the iPhone’s built-in camera will take a series of 4 to 8 shots. The settings offer choices such as layout, timer adjustment, and color or black and white modes. There is also a function that allows you to email the developer directly with your suggestions.
Movement is the key to making your photos pop. For best results target either a moving subject or move the camera itself. I found that 4-8 stills of a stationary subject to be much less interesting. When movement was introduced the photos came alive.
The Quad Camera is great to play with and trying to create some interesting work is fun. But if you’re truly into toy cameras and enjoy the light leaks, vignetting and that old school feel you get from a Holga or Lomo you might be in for a slight let down. I wasn’t able to replicate those effects with Quad Camera — Multi Shot Cam but if someone knows how, without the use of Photoshop, it would be interesting to find out how you accomplished it.
Overall I found the Quad Camera to be worth the $1.99 investment. Shooting a variety of shots with it has been enjoyable and trying to push it to create some interesting work is almost contagious. It can’t compete with my other toy cameras and I don’t think that is the objective, but as an iPhone app it has a charm all it’s own.