Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite, from Quickoffice, is an overhaul of its versatile Quickoffice Mobile Pro, an app that combined Excel editing and file transfer functions.
The big news here is Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite now features the ability to view, create and edit Word documents. MobileFiles Pro is no more and in its stead are:
Quickoffice Files, which allows users to access their iDisk accounts, email files directly from the app or transfer via Wi-Fi. Quicksheet has identical features with the addition of an Excel spreadsheet editor.
You can read the review of Quickoffice MobileFiles Pro, so I’ll give you a quick rundown on the Word side of things.
Quickoffice, in emails and press releases, refers to the new app as Quickoffice for iPhone, but the app is named Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite, so I’ll use that until I find out which is correct.
Reading Word files on the iPhone is not unique — many apps will do that. What’s different is you also can create and edit Word doc files. I wouldn’t plan to this app to write extensively, even in landscape mode, which Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite provides.
I can see doing some editing, cutting/pasting and maybe numbering or bulleting paragraphs here and there. Like many people, I’m not comfortable with the iPhone’s keyboard, so I use my iPhone more for content consumption than content creation.
If you’re more hardcore, you have a few other essential Word features, but remember, this is a simple app and designed to let you quickly handle docs on the fly.
Like its predecessor — Quickoffice MobileFiles Pro — Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite also features file handling, which I covered in my earlier review. That means the activities you’re likely to use most often for work — editing .doc and .xls files and reading files in .pdf and other common formats — can all be done from one app.
Features for emailing files and drag and drop will be in a free update to in the next few weeks, Quickoffice says.