Throughout my short, but travelled life, I’ve yet to find anything better for oneself than a bit of time alone. I’m sure just about everyone out there who’s coming down from the holidays is thinking to themselves how great it is to have some peace and quite. To help get a little bit more out of that time of solace, Meditation Oasis created Relax and Rest Guided Meditations.
As the title of the app would lead you to believe, yes, it’s all about taking a minute or two for yourself. I think the gurus of the world are right in that we all need a bit of meditation and not just that moment in the morning before everyone’s up. We need time for deep relaxation, which can lead to stress relief.
What Relax and Rest Guided Meditations does is fairly remarkable. There’s not a lot of gidgets and gadgets. It’s simple and has one point and that’s to help you relax. Regardless of the amount of time you have, once you turn it on it’s very easy to jump straight into the Breath Awareness Guided Meditation. The guide is only five minutes long and is a quick and easy way to help you center yourself through a breathing exercise.
After I did this first guide a few times I tried out the Deep Rest Guided Meditation. It worked wonders right before bed and I had a very good night of sleep. For those who have a bit more time and want to dive deeper into their relaxation, I definitely recommend trying the Whole Body Guided Relaxation. At 24 minutes long, I think you’ll find a total and complete way to help you meditate.
A really useful feature is the ability to listen to music or nature sounds and use the separate volume controls to adjust the mix of voice and music. I preferred the nature sounds as they helped relax my mind and cleared my thoughts for a chance at true relaxation. If after using Relax and Rest Guided Meditations you find yourself wanting to learn more, be sure to check out the developers site for their four week online courses.
I’d have to say that this is one of the easiest apps to use for those in search of a few minutes of “me time” or a complete guide to deep relaxation. I found it very useful and felt a sense of not only relaxation, but relief after using it. At $.99, I’d have to say Relax and Rest Guided Meditations is well worth the download.