iPhone users have been crying out for a decent task/calendar utility application on sites around the ‘net for months. The wait might be over. The popular web-based task management program Remember the Milk is now available to iPhone and iPod Touch users. The app, which comes with plenty of bells and whistles, allows users to manage tasks from their iPhones virtually anywhere online or off, using location, tags and much more.
Remember the Milk has a clean blue and gray interface that’s quite intuitive. New entries can be organized into lists, prioritized and tagged. There are four information keys at the bottom of the screen. The “Today” and “Tomorrow” buttons each offer the option to separate your list by complete and incomplete tasks. You can also view tasks by week. The “List” button can be viewed according to your preferences — by date due, priority, task name, tags, and more.
One of the best features about Remember the Milk is its ability to sync with the web. After creating an entry in the app it appeared online within a minute. If you’re not on the web when you enter a new task it automatically updates as soon as you have a connection.
Constantly on the go? You can tag your tasks with key words or by location. Remember the Milk also uses iPhone’s built-in GPS to identify your location and help organize what you need to do by where you are. A little big brother maybe, but infinitely helpful.
There are very few features left out of this app. Still, we’d like to make a note of them. There are no auditory reminders. An application this sophisticated should come with an alarm or the ability to customize ringtones for notification. Also, since it already uses GPS, it would also be nice to have instant access to a map for entries entered by location like it does in the desktop version.
Those used to 99 cent apps may be disappointed by what they perceive as a hefty price tag. Remember the Milk for iPhone is free for pro users of Remember the Milk online. A Pro Account will set you back $25 per year. However, $25 isn’t much for a task-management system like this. If you’re not sure if you need a whole “system” for managing your life, there is a free trial for 15 days. You can always sign-up for the full account later… if you remember.
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