While it won’t perhaps irradiate you the old fashioned way, you may find yourself irradiated with joy and glee when you discover Ringtonium, a nifty new way to make ringtones from the Bamboo Group. Whether it be for a ringtone, notification, alert, alarm, or just plain fun editing, this app gives you a fun and easy way to make it, save it, and get it where you need it to be.
For as long as there have been cell phones, there has been the intoxicating desire for your favorite tidbit, noise, music, or etcetera as the ringtone for your device. These days, thanks to our cell phones getting smarter and smarter, the variety of ringtones has become greater, the types of ringtones we can have has grown, and even the ease of making them has become apparent. What once involve a workstation and hours of processing or the bootstrapped weekend project is now as easy as an app right off the appstore. In this case, Ringtonium offers a key to open up the vast opportunities you could perhaps have with making ringtones of all shapes and sizes to your heart’s content.
With Ringtonium, you get yourself an interface to easily and quickly compose ringtones and actually get them where you need: in iTunes, on your phone, and even in your Dropbox for offsite storage or easy sharing. It all begins with grabbing the “clip” – or source for your audio solution. Whether it be a song, sound byte, or actual recording off your iPod’s microphone, it can honestly be to whatever really is your heart’s content. While it would have been cool to see a line-in solution here with the headphone jack, we aren’t complaining either.
Once you select your clip, you’ll be selecting your format from one of three options: Ringtone (which is about a minute), alert (which is a few seconds), or long sound (which can be up to 10 minutes). It’s nice that the app treats me intelligent enough to want a variety of sound types – even those I can’t actually use as ringtones, adding to the editing value for on-the-go changes without breaking out the laptop.
While the features are somewhat limited, Ringtonium doesn’t disappoint. The app goes beyond the minimum expectation and offers a fair selection of modifiers. Ringtonium lacks the cheezy FX found similar (more bloated) apps, and focuses on offering a variety of simple and effective FX (such as pitch, speed, and audio reversal) that will work at whatever setup you prefer.
The interface is great and reminds us of a real professional environment, offering knobs to fine tune changes and really get the perfect ringtone if you so choose to take the effort in. While you can pinch to zoom on the waveform, you can’t seem to mix in additional audio clips. We have to say, Ringtonium gets the job done in a sleek, clean, and very effective way. Dropbox is an added treat for getting easy uploads in.
Help and tips are pushed through a promotional page where developer, Bamboo Group, pitches its other apps, but gives you easy access to their social media to reach out as well as some tips and tricks. In the end you’re getting a very decent ringtone maker that, while it doesn’t emphasize much on flair, really gets the job done and makes it easy and pretty fun to mess with the audio.
Ringtonium is a universal app for iOS devices running 4.1 or later.