Sacred Skulls NFT is designed towards shifting the dimension of NFT space and make it a safe place for women to grow and form their individuality. With 8888 beautifully designed skulls, Sacred Skulls NFT is built on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721.

Let us unleash the beauty behind these sacred skulls and the team of strong women behind the idea. This article will give you insights on the Sacred Skulls NFT project and collection, its roadmap, and everything from sales to price.

Sacred Skulls NFT- An Overview

Total Items  8.9K
Sacred Skulls NFT Mint Price 0.065 ETH
Sacred Skulls NFT Floor Price 0.1 ETH
Owners 4.1K
Volume Traded 2.0K

(The above information is valid as of February 23, 2022)

Exclusionary Collection Of Sacred Skulls NFT And What’s So Special About It?


Sacred Skulls NFT collection has been hand-drawn by an artistic mind @HelenaEliasArt. The foundation at which the project was initiated is quite fascinating and empowering. Jade and Kayla were inspired by their shared love for art and community which further sparked their interest in building an NFT project. With Sacred Skulls NFT, they strive towards providing mentorship and development for NFT enthusiasts who wish to be a part of web3.

Sacred Skulls NFT Mint Price

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What makes this Sacred Skulls project exceptionally strong is its vision of bridging the gender gap and empowering women through financial independence. The project is revolutionary in a way that it generates myriad opportunities for women across the world to actively follow and participate in the NFT marketplace.

Behind the scenes, Jade and Kayla have been companions and support systems for their husbands in the world of NFTs. This inspired them to embark on their journey of Sacred Skulls NFT.

As far as their exclusive collection is concerned, Sacred Skulls NFT has been uniquely generated with around 200 traits and includes varied shapes and forms of Skull Skin, Tattoos, Frames, Backgrounds, Sacred Geometry, Eyes, Mouth, etc. Hence, the NFT collection of Sacred Skulls is rare. According to rarity. tools website, highest Sacred Skulls NFT rarity score is 12534.66.

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For The Community: Sacred Skulls Roadmap Explained 


Sacred Skulls NFT project is here to stay, for they believe in building a community-like business. They have a plan of action for the long term, and the profit that they make shall be put into the business to expand the project. Besides, they will continue supporting and partnering with projects led by women and women artists.

Giveaways are considered to be an extensive reward-giving activity in NFT projects. Post pre and public sale, 10 Sacred Skulls NFT holders will be randomly chosen and airdropped one Genesis Collection.

Their next step in the roadmap is Charity Donations. Since the project is inclined towards women empowerment, 2.5% will be donated to “Every Mother Counts” and 2.5% to “Make a Wish”.

And then comes, a much-awaited Merchandise drop! A branded Sacred Skulls collection of merchandise will be launched.

Few other milestones include Corporate Sponsorships where NFTs meet corporate brands, exciting events for the Sacred Skull NFT holders, and educational partnerships to spread knowledge and information about the NFT space for beginners and women.

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Understanding The Sacred Skulls NFT Sales & Statistics

Sacred Skulls NFT Floor Price

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The pre-sale and public sales for Sacred Skulls NFT were launched on 25th January and 27th January 2022 respectively.

Since the inception of the project, the sales have been fluctuating with the highest number of sales on February 4, 2022. As of February 18, the project’s all-time average price is set at 0.2001 ETH. Sacred Skulls NFT mint price was set at 0.065 ETH which has now increased to the floor price of 0.1 ETH as of February 18, 2022.

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Sacred Skulls NFT Price Prediction 2022

As for the Sacred Skulls NFT price prediction for 2022, the dedicated delivery on the roadmap and a strong community signal towards an explosive rise in price.

Guide For A Newbie: How to Buy Sacred Skulls NFT Collectibles

If you are already intrigued by the project’s artwork, you would want to know how to buy Sacred Skulls NFT. Below are the steps you can follow:

  1. Go to the official Sacred Skulls website here
  2. On the top right, you will find the “Connect Wallet” option.
  3. Click on it and connect your wallet.
  4. You can then buy NFTs and they will get stored in your wallet within seconds.
  5. As an alternative, you can visit Sacred Skulls NFT OpenSea page.

Closing Words


Sacred Skulls NFT is a project with tremendous potential. With rewards and other utilities, holding this NFT in your wallet will give you higher returns. With a vision to bring financial independence to women and support women empowerment, the Sacred Skulls NFT project is all set to explode. And there is no doubt that the strong all-women team behind the project will ensure its success.

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