Looking to mix yourself some crazy tunes or beats on the go? Care to do it in a new an innovative way? Perhaps them you may want to get a good look at a new beat-making app from bryn space called Samplodica.
To be honest, the biggest feature you’re going to notice out of this app is its innovative design. While most beat-making apps for the iPhone incorporate pressing keys and such to adjust the sounds created, Samplodica takes it a step further and has you not only press keys, but shake the iOS device to generate the sound. However, as this actually offers no manipulation, and only activates the sample you want to play, it essentially is nothing more than a gimmick feature to take advantage of the accelerometer. In fact, when changing sample sets you can simply play the same beats without shaking the iPhone in a ‘demo’ mode, proving how useless this feature is beyond the shock value of showing your friends.
As for making actual samples, there is a lot lacking in Samplodica. For starters, there appears to be no easy way to record the samples you create for usage in real mixing software such as ProTools. While you can record your own sounds to sample, the Samplodica software appears to only allow manipulation in real time unless you record through your headphones cable, this can be severely limiting when sampling on the go, and adds to the feeling this is only a live-experience type of app. While the mix-tape system is nifty to add in samples of your choosing, the bottom lines really comes in that it’s very difficult to balance out a beat at a regular pace and experiment without perhaps getting a pretty tired hand.
To add insult to injury, buying the app only gives you access to a few samples. If you want to add additional samples or make special feature changes, you have to shell out an additional $2. You’re essentially not getting an entire app for your money. A lot of features are already included but it leaves a bad impression to pay for an app only to find you don’t have the entire experience — especially when the extra content is not exactly adding enough to call it a DLC, but not simply an a la cart addition either.
In the end Samplodica gives mixed feelings. It’s really unique, really cool in concept, but this proof of concept is not owing up to what you’d expect out of a game.
Samplodica is currently a universal app for all devices running iOS 3.1 or greater, and runs for $.99 on the App Store – the extras pack runs an extra $1.99 as well.