If you are fascinated by the Samurai Characters, you wouldn’t want to miss the Samurai Saga NFT Collection. Based on the Ethereum Blockchain and hosted in IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), Samurai Saga is soon going to be in the Metaverse. The Samurai Saga NFT project is a collection of 9999 unique hand-drawn Samurai Characters.

The public sale happened on 6th January 2022, and during that time, the Samurai Saga NFT mint price was 0.02 ETH. As of 5th February 2022, the project has 23.4K followers on Twitter, while the Samurai Saga NFT Discord has 6699 members.

So, should you own a Samurai Saga NFT and join the fight?

To help you decide, here in this article, we will take a detailed look at the Samurai Saga NFT project, including its special features, the Samurai Saga NFT game and how the project is likely to hold its market value in the future.

Samurai Saga NFT: Some Quick Facts 

  • Number of NFTs: 9999
  • Samurai Saga NFT Floor Price: 0.24 ETH
  • Number of Owners: 1.9K
  • Total Volume Traded: 2.3K ETH

(As Of 12th February 2022)

Samurai Saga NFT Collection: The Era Of Cyber Samurais Has Begun

How To Buy Samurai Saga NFT
Source: samuraisaga.com

As the story goes, the Samurais have been secretly watching over the world for the last 145 years, knowing that one day they would be needed again to fight evil. The time has come – but standing in the 21st century, the Samurais will need more than just their swords. That is why Ronin with his team of developers have transformed them into cyber samurais – the super-advanced samurais.

According to the official Samurai Saga NFT website, each Cyber Samurai is designed with 350+ traits.

To be eligible for the Public mint, the participants were asked to pre-register their wallets.

Those who owned 3 or more Samurai Saga NFTs before the public minting was rewarded with additional NFTs. For example, people with 3 Samurai Saga NFTs were rewarded with an additional Samurai Saga NFT. Likewise, people with 6 and 9 Samurai Saga NFTs were rewarded with 2 and 3 additional Samurai Saga NFTS.

Samurai Saga NFT Staking & GENKI Token:


The team is giving out rewards for staking the Samurai Saga NFTs in the form of tokens – The GENKI Tokens. The token will be used as the in-game currency and will drive the economy of the Samurai Saga NFT project.

The developers have clearly stated that the GENKI Tokens can only be acquired by staking you Samurai Saga NFTs.

Apart from that, the GENKI Tokens can also be used to acquire the new collection of Samurai Saga NFTs. The team is soon going to release the “BADDIE” Collection within February or March 2022. 1 BADDIE will cost 9000 GENKI Tokens, so if the owners stake early, they can get a BADDIE Samurai for free.

Samurai Saga NFT Game:


Samurai Saga is going to be an Open World game where you can hang around with other owners or can fight monsters with your Samurai character. The first look of the Samurai Saga NFT game was released on 28th December 2021, which gave us a basic tour of the Samurai World. The second trailer of the game was released on 5th January 2022, and the Demo version of the Samurai Saga NFT game will be available within March 2022, while we can expect the full game to release in April 2022.

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Samurai Saga NFT Roadmap


The roadmap of Samurai Saga NFT is as good as their artistic skills. They are fully focused on creating the best Open World NFT game ever where you get to fight with scary monsters.

After the minting is done, the profits will be re-invested to ensure the future of the project as well as to reward the loyal owners.

The team has already stated that they have kept 69 Samurai Saga NFTs (out of 9999) for promotional purposes. They will be airdropped to the owners as rewards or giveaways.

By April 2022, there will be 3D versions of all the Samurais, allowing the owners to join the game in the Metaverse. At the same time, they will also add an army of 9999 enemies to make the game more exciting and challenging.

Apart from the Samurai Saga game development, the team is likely to come up with a few surprises between May-September 2022. Although they haven’t shared any details about those surprises yet. However, on 3rd February 2022, the team has hinted that a Samurai Saga comic book could be on the way through their official Twitter handle.

Samurai Saga NFT: Mint Price & Current Price Statistics


Samurai Saga NFT Roadmap
Source: samuraisaga.com

As of 5th February 2022, the All-time average price of the Samurai Saga NFT is 0.29 ETH with a total trading volume of 2282.3 ETH. During the public mint on 6th January 2022, the average price was 1.76 ETH, whereas the project has managed to make a trade of 72.3 ETH, according to OpenSea.io.

The project is growing steadily, and in the last 7 days (as of 5th February 2022), it has accumulated a trading volume of USD 435.2 K where the average price of a Samurai Saga NFTS was USD 826.

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How To Buy Samurai Saga NFT?


All the NFTs were sold out from the Samurai Saga NFT website and are now available at the Samurai Saga NFT OpenSea marketplace. Now, you may buy Samurai Saga NFTs by connecting your digital wallet to the OpenSea platform.

Rarity is going to be a big factor here, so make sure to check Samurai Saga NFT rarity from the Rarity.tools before making any bids.

Should You Give Them The Fighting Chance?


Samurai Saga NFT project does not have just an amazing open-world game upon its sleeve but has a calculated roadmap to keep the community engaged. Besides, the project is offering you a passive income by staking your Samurai Saga NFTs.

To make the Samurai Saga NFT price prediction, we can say that the project is likely to get a lot more attention after the game releases, so it could be advantageous to be a part of this community.

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