Satchel The Backpack Client by Stand Alone, Inc is an excellent tool for anyone seeking to organize a business, club, family, or other type of group where everyone needs to be kept up to date about projects and tasks. It serves as a good replacement for the paper-based calendars or stream of e-mails that some organizations still use to try to maintain contact.
Satchel only shines when used in conjunction with the Backpack suite of offerings available from 37signals. There are several tools that will help keep everyone on the same page and manage the flow of information. When downloading Satchel The Backpack Client you will be directed to create an account or sign in to your existing one. It will also be worthwhile to play around with the online features to see how best they will sync with the Satchel app.
There is a main hub when signing on to Satchel, from which the rest of the application is organized into a series of notes, articles, and lists. What makes this Satchel so strong is the real-time sync and interactivity built in. For example, one user can add an article that will appear on all users’ web sites or Satchel apps. Then, someone else can post a comment — which would also be visible to all the users.
Satchel The Backpack Client is probably more geared towards those who have a business or a group they need to constantly stay in contact with. If you are just looking for a to-do list or other type of organizational tool, there are several others in the App Store, some free, that may suit your needs. Satchel The Backpack Client costs $9.99, but there will be other costs depending on how much functionality you want.
There is a free level of registration, but that has limited access to all the site features. A solo plan costs $7 a month, with group plans beginning from $12 a month and ranging all the way up to $149 per month. The costs vary for how many accounts, pages, or how much file storage is available.