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Developer: LGT SIA  User Reviews 4
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save her
Pit your fingers against the scariest fish in the depths of the sea in a tapping frenzy to save an innocent goldfish. Save Her is an endlessly running underwater defensive tapping game that features enemy sea creatures of varying speed and size honing in on a naïve little fish. Save Her is a simple game with no back story and no level changes that requires nothing more than endless tapping to destroy incoming enemy fish.
On the surface, Save Her appears to be a mindless time-wasting game not unlike similar endless tapping games. But fortunately, Save Her has incorporated characters, graphics and sound that enhance its aesthetic appeal along with a few other elements. For example, in addition to the highest score challenge, specific missions are incorporated to give the game purpose. Missions include surviving for a minimum amount of time, creating bonus combos and collecting coins. Increasing difficulty levels can be unlocked with progress to create an additional challenge and after collecting enough coins additional fish characters can be unlocked.
Save Her can be played for as long as your fish can survive. She has three health hearts representing her life span and the occasional protective bubble will pop up for use as a temporary power-up. With fast enough fingers, the fish can survive for quite a long time. Points can be racked up for every enemy creature destroyed as well as for creating combos by tapping 3 or more fish at a time. The bonus combos can only be created by tapping in very quick succession on three of the same type of critter. One of the game missions is to create a 4X combo, but there’s no proof that it can actually be done since the game registers all 3X combos made so quickly that there’s no time for a fourth.
There are no progressive levels or achievements to Save Her and without the added purpose of missions, it would be about as exciting as fishing without bait, but the more incoming enemy fish, the more engaging it becomes and the completion of missions provides players with at least a minor objective. Save Her is a free game and is absent of any obtrusive ads. It does keep a high score record and supplies basic game stats such as tapping accuracy and kills.
All in all, Save Her falls somewhere in the “average” range of interesting game play. It’s by no means exciting, but it’s also not the worst game ever invented. Anyone who enjoys non-stop, repeated tapping games and endless style gameplay can certainly pass some casual, stress-free time with Save Her, but those who require depth, strategy and a back story to their games will want to throw this one back. Whatever your preference, Save Her is free to download and at the end of the day, not entirely unpleasant.