With a food revolution going on in America and more and more people jumping on the nutritional bandwagon, it’s no surprise that technology is making its way into the picture by providing tools to help people make better food choices. Shop Healthy! is a new app designed in cooperation with a physician board certified in nutrition, and features nutritional information about a wide variety of grocery store products all to help you make better food choices when shopping. Shop Healthy has a friendly interface, includes interesting information and fun factoids, and is fairly simple to use.
With Shop Healthy!, users can browse thousands of food products categorized by grocery “isle” – beverages, frozen foods, canned foods, sauces, and so forth. There is also a search function included for times when you prefer to look for a specific food product or brand. Included in the database are name brand and various store brand foods. The information provided for each type of food product includes a ranking system along with the nutritional information. For the majority of products, Shop Healthy provides a list of other similar products to consider
For a free app, Shop Healthy! provides quite a bit of food information to digest. The ranking system is a bit confusing if you compare the ratings of different types of foods, but it seems to make sense when comparing like foods, such as comparing different fruit spreads. There are also fun factoids about many of the food products—such as the point value for spelling the word “broccoli” in scrabble. Many of the factoids have little to nothing to do with nutrition, but it makes it a bit more interesting.
In addition to being a fairly comprehensive resource for food and nutrition information, Shop Healthy! has a “favorites” category where you can add food products you find and may want to try. The favorites list can be sent to your email, or someone else’s and used to build a grocery list. I would have loved to see Shop Healthy! have an actual grocery list function, complete with the ability to mark off items, but an email list is better than nothing.
Anyone with a nutrition conscience is likely to appreciate the information in Shop Healthy!. You can use it to simply research and compare your favorite food products or to plan healthier purchases at the grocery store. The information is well organized and easy enough to view and understand, and because it’s free, Shop Healthy! is right up everyone’s isle.
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