howtimes is a Moviefone type app which shows you what’s playing near you. Using the GPS location provided by your phone, the app provides a vertical list of all the theaters near you, with expandable arrows showing the actual showtimes. You can also sort by popularity, find a movie you are interested in, and then see where it is playing near you.
By default, Showtimes uses the default GPS location, but you can specify a different location if you wish. You can also mark certain theaters as favorites, but i was not able to quickly reference my list of “favorite theaters”. This app would get a 7/10 — however, it appears to be unusually unstable. The app crashed on me 4 times in the 20 minutes i took to review it.
The company behind Showtimes, Utah based Avantar, produces a number of other location based iPhone apps, including OneTapMovies and Munch.