Not exactly silent, but soothing nonetheless, Silent Island Relaxation is a compilation of relaxing music combined with sounds of nature.
Before you groan and beg not to be stranded on another island of apps with repeating loops and poor quality sound, give a listen to the sample tracks in the App Store. The music is professionally composed and recorded by German artist Hauke Nissen and there are selections for every time of day from morning to night. There are even a few made especially for kids.
Dock your device and fall asleep to soothing medleys or get your day started with a few moments of natural bird song. Many of the tracks are good accompaniments for meditation, relaxation exercises, or simply unwinding. (I recommend a bubble bath). The sound quality is good and there’s definitely a professional hand in the original compositions.
You may have to be a believer in soothing sounds and relaxation techniques to thoroughly appreciate Silent Island Relaxation, but if you’ve never tried such a thing, this is a good place to start. At $1.99, it’s cheaper than a CD and it includes over two hours of relaxation melodies. You can also take advantage of the built in timer wheel that has pre-set times to play the tracks for an hour, two, or just indefinitely.
The nature sounds included with Silent Island range from waves to thunderstorms to winter winds as well as the sounds of birds. White noise can be recreated with rain, waterfall, or stream selections. There are even a few unique nature sounds like ”chopping wood” that are included as well. All in all, Silent Island Relaxation is a good compilation of melodies and sounds that are pleasing and versatile, ranking right up there with more expensive relaxation CDs and sound machines.
Silent Island Relaxation comes in two versions: iPhone and iPod Touch, or download the HD app for your iPad.
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