Managing your medical benefits and bills is not the most fun task in the world. In fact, most people probably cringe when they see a medical bill in their mailbox as not knowing what is behind that little white envelope’s fold is off-putting. All of this is about to change with the new Simplee app, which launched recently to help people manage and pay all their family’s medical bills through their iPhone.
The Simplee app works to extend past web payments in order to make it easier for their users to check deductible status at the hospital or pay an outstanding medical bill while waiting in the doctor’s office using their mobile phone.
The app features the ability to preview bills when they’re ready to be paid, pay a provider from their mobile phone via a safe, free and secure connection as well as track payment history, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. It’s available for medical, dental, vision and pharmacy plans as well as extends to HSA, FSA and more. And instead of a stark white piece of paper, all of the information is displayed in a simple and easy-to-read dashboard.
In the era of the mobile app, there have been plenty of puzzle and words games and as of late trend seems to be personal health, finances and now medical bill tracking. It’s a welcomed addition to the App Store since tapping on an app and seeing a full breakdown of what to expect from your kid’s latest emergency room visit can give you piece of mind over the aforementioned scary white envelope.
“Despite easy access to smartphones and tablets, many people continue to pay their medical bills using paper mailings and a check book,” said Tomer Shoval, CEO and co-founder of Simplee. “Simplee has helped break this habit by offering a powerful medical wallet solution that our members have embraced and use to pay medical bills online. Now we are empowering them to go mobile.”
Simplee isn’t new to the healthcare market. In fact, since the launch of its medical wallet service in 2011, Simplee has managed nearly two billion dollars in patient medical expenses and processes millions in patient payments each month across thousands of medical providers. The mobile medical wallet app is now available on the App Store.