Sleep Pillow Ambiance: a white noise relaxation & sleep machine is a self-explanatory app that features a variety of sounds designed to promote relaxation and sleep. Sleep Pillow has a very simple design and interface with a few features that enhance its practicality and usability, including a sleep timer and “favorites” function.
With 31 different sound combinations, Sleep Pillow runs the gamut of typical white noise and relaxation sounds – weather, nature, and various melodic loops are all included. Users can add preferred sounds to the favorites function for quicker access or side scroll through the entire collection to choose a slumber accompaniment.
Sleep Pillow also has a built in sleep timer so the sounds will shut off after a selected period of time. Though the app is not a power hog, this feature does use power. An additional feature promoted by the developer is the ability to run Sleep Pillow in the background to perform other tasks on your device. Presumably users might have to set the timer for this function to work, but with or without the timer, the sounds stop whenever I close the app. While the ability to run in the background would be good for meditation times, it’s not really necessary if you’re trying to fall asleep.
Sleep Pillow makes a nice sound machine with a good range of quality white noise and relaxation sounds, is smooth and easy to operate and has some basic features covered. The sleep timer functions, but does not display a countdown timer and only the selected sound will play. Some sound machines cycle through different sounds at regular intervals, which can aid in relaxation better than a static sound, but as a white noise creator, Sleep Pillow does a decent job. Sleep Pillow is a universal app for either iPhone or iPad with both a paid and free version available—the free version is limited to just four sound selections. If you’re looking for an ambient sound machine, Sleep Pillow is worth a look.