I used to be queen of the perfectly timed phone calls. It’s not easy. You have to find that perfect window of opportunity when you know the likelihood of getting a person’s voicemail is greatest, but your attempt still appears earnest. But because most people live with their cell phones fused to their ears, I have had to become very crafty in my aim to shun actual conversation.
Thank you Slydial for making my life of conflict-avoidance a continued success.
Developed by MobileSphere, the new Slydial free app for iPhones allows you to call any mobile phone and connect directly to the person’s voicemail. Just touch the icon, then touch a number from your phone’s list of contacts, or enter a cell number. The call registers as a missed call on the person’s phone, and everything else on the caller ID pops up the same as it would with a normal callEven if you don’t have reason to dodge a conversation with your mother or an overly chatty friend, Slydial is a handy tool. It’s quicker than a text message and gives you a way to reach someone who may not want to be disturbed.
You can also use the service for free without the app by dialing (267) SLY-DIAL. The call will still register on the other person’s caller ID as having come from your phone. The drawback with this is that it’s not a toll-free number. Also, you’ll have to sit through a short audio advertisement (when I called, it was a McDonald’s commercial) before you can enter the number you’re dialing. Once you’ve factored in the time it takes to make the call, wait through the advertisement, enter the ten digit cell number you’re trying to reach, then leave your message, you may have saved more time texting. The app is much quicker and easier.
I used the service both ways to call my sister’s phone. Both times my name and number appeared in the caller ID just as it always does, and both times the call registered as a missed call.
Another disadvantage is that although calls can be made from either cell phones or landlines, the service can only connect you to mobile-phone voicemail.
Still, Slydial is quick and easy to use, and I can assure you, once it’s on your phone, you’ll find yourself using it more than you would think.