When something “blows,” it’s usually a bad thing. Here’s a case where something “blows,” and it’s a good thing. In fact, it’s $1,000 worth of goodness.
About a month ago, Smule, the developer of the extraordinarily successful Ocarina musical app, launched its “This Contest Blows” competition. Entrants were asked to send in videos of themselves playing music on their iPhones using Ocarina. Smule said it would award the top 10 baddest blowers $1,000 each.
The envelopes have been opened and the winners announced. They include in random order:

  1. “Oh Shenandoah,” by Hardrockgrl (see YouTube video below)
  2. Monkey Head by laughtech
  3. Hot N Cold by David Choi
  4. Music of the Night with your Nose by goddesslynz
  5. Good Sleep, Fast Sleep by Degravia
  6. Whistle Stop by BlakeCarlieITM
  7. Sadness and Sorrow by vladtepsecdrac
  8. Greetings from Hungary! by hunocarina
  9. Song of Storms by Watemon
  10. Carol of the Bells by AliHandal

Some entries were so bizarre, Smule decided to create a special category for them and award them an “Oca-razzies.”
Smule is extending the contest to Feb. 13 and will award five more entrants $1,000 prizes. You can see more about the winning entries and Oca-razzies at Smule’s Web site.