WhatsApp has added a slew of new capabilities to its platform. These extra updates make group calls a little simpler and faster. WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart stated on Twitter that when a group call is in progress, users of the messaging service may mute and text individual participants.

These capabilities will be especially beneficial for muting persons in a group who forget to do it themselves, letting other team members know what’s going on in the background of their homes or offices. It would also be helpful if several users in a group discussion are in the same room and have forgotten to mute themselves, resulting in an echo during a group call.

These new capabilities will take WhatsApp calls to conferencing applications, giving users greater dynamic power over their sessions.

Head Of WhatsApp At Meta Revealed The New Feature

WhatsApp Now Allows To Mute Specific Individuals In Conference Calls

William Cathcart, Meta’s Head of WhatsApp, announced the new functionality via his Twitter account. Participants in a group chat can mute someone who has forgotten to turn off or mistakenly turned on their microphone, saving everyone the anguish of listening to them.

Muting certain persons will be available to all call participants, not just those who requested it. Nobody else will retain the ability to hear the muted person in a conference call, regardless of who mutes them. A mute icon will indicate this next to the muted person’s name.

New Set Of Privacy Features Coming To WhatsApp

WhatsApp introduced additional privacy features in addition to improving the group call functionality. According to the release, users may pick which of their WhatsApp contacts can view their profile photo, about, and last seen status.

These characteristics guarantee that the user has control over who gets access to any information about them. Previously, the instant messaging platform kept the last seen status concealed from outsiders and offered new options that allow Android app users to transfer their conversation history to iPhone.

Another Attempt To Compete With Zoom And Others?

WhatsApp continues to add new capabilities to its chat platform. The messaging platform has recently added new capabilities to Group Video Call, making Host Group Call more powerful.

The host of a WhatsApp group conversation will be able to silence any participant throughout the call and personal messages, according to this new function. With these capabilities, WhatsApp hopes to compete with programs such as Microsoft Office, Google Meet, and Zoom.

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