Solitaire – Have you ever wondered what makes a game popular and stand the test of time? I don’t know. What I do know is that before Sudoku and the Rubicks Cube, there was a game played with a deck of cards called Solitaire also known as Patience. Solitaire has also been available electronically for years. I’ve played it on computers and cell phones so many times I couldn’t possibly estimate how many. Needless to say I enjoy playing solitaire.
There are many variations of solitaire. The basic objective of the card game is to sort the deck of cards into order by suit. One of the most common forms of solitaire is called Klondike, which is what you’ll play on the Solitaire iPhone app by MobilityWare.
The game of solitaire is fairly simple so I’ve learned not to expect too much from most computer or phone versions. Usually you’ll have a couple of game and display options such as number of cards drawn, deck background colors. Mobility Ware has taken this age-old wonder and created a wonderful version for the iPhone.
Solitaire is a very good-looking app with a large variety of options. Nine preset choices for background colors, and the option to download a custom from your photo library. You’ll have twenty-three choices plus the custom option for the deck of cards. Choice of right handed or left handed play, landscape or portrait view and several more options available.
I enjoyed playing MobilityWare’s Solitaire. Unlike some of the other games I’ve played on phones, I found Solitaire be much easier to see, more customizable and more visually appealing. It is also very responsive during gameplay. The cards shuffle quickly, move immediately when tapped and smoothly when dragged and dropped.
Solitaire by MobilityWare is a fine app that most fans of the genre will enjoy. I’m sure you’ll find many hours of solitary enjoyment playing cards with your iPhone or iPod touch.
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