There is no doubting the power of music. However, there is also no denying how annoying ads can be on a radio program or on Pandora when you’ve just gotten into the groove and bursting from the headphones is some annoying product you don’t need. This is where the streaming music app Songza comes save the day.
Songza miraculously offers up curated playlists from music experts all on an audio advertisement free basis. Amazing. Simply amazing. I’m not sure how they’re making this possible and I don’t care as long as the music keeps coming. Sure, there are in-app ads at the bottom, but they’re non-intrusive.
The best feature of the app is the curated playlists. Not sure who the “music experts” are, but again, I don’t care as they’ve done an extraordinary job of putting together some of the best playlists I’ve seen. Of course, I’m not a music expert, but hopefully I don’t have too poor of taste when it comes to tunes. The one list I’ve been listening to the most is the Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals, which as I write is playing Hot Tuna’s “Mann’s Fate.” Good stuff.
Within the playlist I can click on the menu tab for more info on the playlist and what type of artists are included. It also offers up similar playlists towards the bottom and I had to laugh a bit when I saw there was a Hipster-Approved Classic Rock option, which features “cool tunes from the golden age of pre-punk classic rock from 1965 to 1976. Artists included Bee Gees, Sparks, The Flamin’ Groovies, Comus, Nico and much more. Even though I live close to hipster nation, it’s not all Portlandia around my house so I switched over to Late Night Rock for some Elivs Costello, Neil Young and Bob Seger. Talk about the triple threat.
From within the playlists, you can thumbs up or thumbs down a particular song. A positive mark helps the app provide recommendations for other playlists while a negative mark skips the current song. You can also use the integrated AirPlay capabilities or click on the menu to be able to share your selection via Facebook, Twitter and email as well as click on the shopping cart to purchase the song on iTunes.
For the lack of audio advertisements alone, I’d recommend downloading Songza before they start charging for it. Furthermore, their curated music playlists are absolutely awesome and well thought out. Their concierge service is another reason why this app is so amazing. It offers up pre-made lists based on situations such as a weekday dance party, epic walking or for work and study. It’s the perfect app for music lovers.